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Tips for Brides: Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

6 Jul

Ah the summer months; the flowers are in full bloom, days are longer, the grass is that perfect shade of green and the sun is shining bright.  What a beautiful time to get married.  Oh, did I mention the staggeringly high temperatures, hair flattening or frizzing (whichever is your curse) humidity, and smog-clouded, thick air? May I repeat, what a BEA-U-TI-FUL time to get married;)

Let’s face it, every time of year has some sort of weather “threat” to your wedding day success, even the lovely and ever popular June-August summer months.  The obvious summer threat is the uncontrollable heat waves and hot sticky days. Here are a couple of tips for keeping cool, fresh and flawless on your big day!

The Dress: Avoid heavy fabrics such as taffeta, satin, silks or brocades and opt for a more breathable fabric such as cotton or even a synthetic fabric that does not have the same sticky affects of satin or silk.  Be sure your dress is comfy, not too heavy and that you have had the proper alternations to ensure your dress fits perfectly. Aim for short sleeves, thin straps (halter or spaghetti) or strapless to keep cool and avoid perspiration marks. Check out David’s Bridal for some fashionable and fresh ideas. Choosing the dress suitable for the summer heat is really important to your enjoyment on the big day because you are going to get a bit hot and sweaty with the heat, running around and lots of dancing and hugging, so at least start out being as comfy as possible!

H20! I know it is an obvious solution and everyone has been telling you all summer to stay hydrated when it is scorching outside, but with all the chaos and hectic nature of Your Big Day, drinking water is often pushed to the bottom of your wedding day “to do list”. Make drinking extra water a priority in order to keep your internal core temperature low to keep cool.  If you prefer your beverages with a little more taste, check out this link for a list of delicious and low cal flavoured waters. Just remember to take a pit stop at the bathroom before walking down the aisle!

If you are going to be outside for a significant amount of time, be sure to apply a body lotion and foundation that contains sunscreen so you are not a lobster in your photos and suffering from heat stroke by the time your reception rolls around.

Make up: Avoid oil based or pressed powered foundations as they tend to cake or create an uneven skin tone when you start to perspire. Stick with a water based foundation to start and pack some face blotters to get rid of any access oils or sweat so you stay looking fresh and put together all night long.  An over the counter choice I like is Pure Makeup by Mabelline New York or ask your makeup artists in advance for an oil free foundation and water proof mascara (its two-fold protection from sweat and tears!)

Hair: Keep hairstyles simple and elegant.  If your hair is too “big” or intricate, you run the risk of it falling before you even say “I Do”.  If you still desire the Wow factor when it comes to your wedding hair do, opt for a type of accessory instead of going too big.  Great summer accessories are fake flowers or gem and jeweled clips.  Even though they are pretty proceed with caution if you opt for a real flower, as they most surely will wilt in the heat.   Check out Allure Hair & Makeup for different summer wedding hair “Dos”

Keepin’ It Cool: Create a cool oasis for you and your guests! If your wedding is indoors, hopefully the reception area has AC (at the very least).  This is a very important question to ask while booking! If it is outdoors or in a place with no AC, there are several creative ways to find relief from the heat, such as keep big fans blowing in the tent area or main hall (many tents actually now come with portable A/C units). Or offer heat relief with food and serve ice cream sandwiches, freezies in your wedding colours, juices or punch with sparkling water to your guests as refreshing and fun appetizers. Through a garden wedding theme, encourage everyone to wear fancy hats to keep them out of the sun or if you are near a beach, offer time for a group swim later on in the evening!

Here are some other great tips for you and your guests at your own summer weather.






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