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2011 Celebrity Weddings to Watch!

30 Dec

It’s not even 2011 yet and already a laundry list of high profile celebrity weddings to watch in the coming year is already being formed.  If you are in the wedding planning mode or love some good celebrity dish, 2011 is shaping up to be an elborate event filled year of celeb wedding watch! I’ve listed below just a few of the celebrity weddings we should be witnessing in 2011.

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Just Engaged! Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth just announced their plans to marry! As it is her second marriage, do you think it will be more laid back or a total glammed out celebrity starred event?

That 18 carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring it Just the beginning for England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. A classic fairy tale of the Prince falling for the common, but beautiful women will be taking place before the world on April 29th, 2011…where else but Westminster Abbey!

Michael Buble and Luisana Lupilato are set to in April with a jet setting, world wide wedding, complete with celebrations in Vancouver and Argentina. I wonder where they will honeymoon?

Nick Lachey to wed Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Simpson is set to wed NFLer Eric Johnson…..who will wed first? Let the exes’ battle for media coverage begin!

Country’s King & Queen Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are gearing up to celebrate a good ole Southern Wedding in early Spring 2011. Now that will be a wedding filled with good food and great music!

Enjoy the year of Celebrity Weddings!  Its not even January 1 and its shaping up to be a good one! If you are a bride that is newly engaged, Congrats and Happy planning:)



42Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2011

January 8th & 9th, 2011

14th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show

January 15th & 16th, 2011




Brides- Why You Absolutely Need To Go To A Bridal Show When Planning Your Wedding

19 Nov

I found these tips from GTA Wedding Design Specialist, Stephanie Thompson. Check out her weekly e-magazine for more wedding planning tips! It’s useful, takes a modern approach to wedding planning, and full of creative and fun advice! Happy Reading! www.stephaniethompson.ca

1.   The Experience- You’re getting married! A bridal show is dedicated to helping you out with your wedding.  There’s pretty decor, inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks, food and fashion. A ticket of $10-15 is nothing compared to the savings you can receive from the show and its way better than going to a movie ;).  It’s a great date for you and your fiancé to bond and discuss the wedding.

2. Make Planning Your Wedding Easier- There will be a variety of vendors there to help you with your needs, talk to them, learn about them, you may save yourself hours and hours goggling and doing research.

3. The Savings & Discounts- Many booths will offer you special show discounts just for being there, search them out, see if you get along great with that vendor and if they are the best fit for your wedding

4. The Free Stuff- Pens, food, trinkets… I’m amazed at the sort of freebies you can get at the shows.  But behave yourself, don’t take a handful.  And talk to the vendor to at least hear what they have to say, nothing worse than feeling like someone just came over to eat or get freebies.  Even if you don’t intend to hire them you never know when someone else you know could use their services or if you need a plan B.  I find that vendors who offer free things are really generous with how they treat their brides, they want to give you a little gift, just so they can learn about you.

5. It’s FUN!  A Lot Of FUN!

What To Expect

1. Sign Ups, Give-a-ways, Prizes & Draws- Come prepared with pre-signed labels that include your name, address, phone number, email address, wedding date.  Check out your local office supply store, find the address labels, download the template, fill in your info, hit print and voila.

2. Dress To Impress *Comfortably- Wear comfy shoes and wear comfy clothes.  That doesn’t mean look like you’re going to the gym.  You’re engaged! Dress up like you’re going out to the mall, do your hair nice, make-up pretty and glow like the beautiful bride-to-be you are.

3. Have A Strategy In Place- The bridal show producers post the vendors and their booth information on their site.  Make sure you use this information. What vendors are you looking for; check out their sites… where are they on the floor plan.  Write down some questions you want to ask them and go and speak to them face to face at the show.  If you like what they have to offer, set up and ask to set up an appointment right there at the show. Once you get home you may be too overwhelmed with all of the information you’ve received and may not utilize the show to help you plan your wedding.

4. Bring your groom- More and more grooms are becoming involved with the wedding plans, make sure he can come and attend the show with you.  I’m sure you won’t be making decisions without his input anyways so save yourself some time discussing what you saw at the show and make him come.  It’s not like going into a women’s lingerie store like he might think… there are killer cars, food, music, photographers, tux fashion for him to look at… only a few traces of flowers, pink and sparkle…. honest!

5.   Vendors Approaching You- Vendors will talk to you, approach you, say hello, hand out their information, and you never know if you’ll need their services.  Be open, ask questions, if you’re not interested just take their pamphlet and thank them and you’ll have a looksy later (maybe).  If you really aren’t interested for instance you’re photographer is already booked, then put this pamphlet into Bag B- the “I’m not interested bag” vs Bag A- the “you’re a superstar and I’d love to consider you for my wedding bag”.  Hang onto Bag B, you never know if you’ll need a Plan B last minute- say your photographer doesn’t show up, you may need to call these vendors in case yours cancels a week before your wedding or doesn’t show up.

Wedding Design Specialist, Stephanie Thompson, publishes “Wedding Wishes” weekly e-magazine with 3500+ subscribers.  If you are looking for more wedding design & planning tips sign up here to get my FREE Special Report “7 Easy Ways To Get Wedding WOW Factor” at www.stephaniethompson.ca.

©2010  Stephanie Thompson, Stephanie Thompson.ca  All rights reserved


42 Annual  Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2011

14th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show 2011



Tips for Making Elderly Guests Feel at Ease at Your Wedding

16 Jul

While everyone knows that the wedding day is “All About the Bride” , much of the bride’s pleasure and happiness revolves around the assurance that all of her loved ones are enjoying the big day.  While most of the guests can and will go with the flow with minimal fuss, there will be certain people on the guest list that may need a few adjustments to ensure that they enjoy your wedding to the fullest.  One group of people may be elderly guests such as grandparents, great grandparents or older extend family and friends of your parents, who may need a little extra attention.  I have listed below some simple points to take into consideration while planning your wedding to avoid a mad rush during the ceremony or reception but still accommodate some of these needs. Once you see the smile on your guest’s faces, as they bask in being a part of the celebration and visiting with old friends and family members, you will see that these small adjustments are definitely worth it!

Choosing the Venue

-Make sure it is easily accessible for elderly people.  Depending on the needs, this may mean wheel chair accessibility, few to no stairs, easy access to the restrooms etc.

-Be sure to look down!  Most of the time we are so busy looking at the beauty of the décor when researching different venues, that we forget to check out the practical aspects such as the carpet and dance floor are in good shape with few to no grooves or snags that could easily  be tripped on.  If you are having a dance floor laid down in a tent or outside, be sure that all of the different floor pieces are locked together properly to ensure there are not cracks (this extra check will also benefit the women in high heels!).  If the event is outside, make sure there is a clear and stable path to and from the destination area.  A golf cart may come in handy for transporting elderly guests.

Planning the Menu

-While no one expects you to change your wedding menu to accommodate their food preferences, most banquet halls will happily accommodate food changes for elderly guests.  This could be as simple as not putting a sauce on the meat

Other Food Tips for Elderly Guests:

Provide Tea, Coffee and Warm Water with the meal: Many elderly people enjoy having a hot beverage with their meal as it aids in easier digestion

Timeline: Grandparents eating habits may be a bit slower than the usual pace of courses coming out.  Perhaps introduce grandparents and other elderly guests to a friendly server who will keep an eye out for when they are ready for the next course, so no one feels rushed. Check out www.wikiDOMO.com for a listing of different local banquet halls

The Seating Plan

-Easy & Quick Access to the Bathroom!

-Make it easy for the person to visit amongst guests by placing them in a noticeable area, surrounded by friends and family.  No corners!

-Volume: During the reception, make sure elderly guests are not directly in front of the loud speakers, and at the church ensure they are close enough to the front to be able to hear.   Talk to the minister or priest to see if there is something that can be done to make sure a microphone or sound system is used.

Transportation: We all know weddings run late, and sometimes much too late for grandparents or other special elderly guests.  On order to ensure that they get home safely (and allow the rest of your guests to continue enjoying the party) arrange ahead of time for a limo,  town car or even a taxi to take some of your elderly guest’s home when they are ready.  That way you have to worry about their safety and they can enjoy the party without having to worry about driving after dark! Check out local limo companies such as www.MermaidLimo.com, www.HamiltonLimo.com or www.CelebrityLimousine.ca for available rates

For other more wedding planning info, please visit www.TopWeddingShows.com

Other Tips: http://ezinearticles.com/?Hints-For-Entertaining-Elderly-Wedding-Guests&id=2149082


Happy Planning!


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