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Niagara Spring Wedding Show Presents “Behind the Wedding Day” with Makeup Worx

21 Dec

With the 16th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show fast approaching, TopWeddingShows.com has set out to give you a closer look into the local wedding world, with behind the scenes access to the talented industry leaders who turn your dreams into wedding reality. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Monika from Makeup Worx. Visit their website at www.makeupworx.ca

In your opinion, what are the biggest trends for the upcoming wedding season?
A: Flawless airbrushed skin, highlight and contour


What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to couples planning a wedding in 2013/2014?
A: Do your research – meet with a makeup artist, ask to see their work, word of mouth is the best referral there is.

What would you say has been your proudest moment as a business owner in the wedding industry?
A: Receiving countless thank you cards from brides – it is an honour to be a part of someones very special day.

What will you be showcasing at the Niagara Spring Wedding Show 2013?
A: Mobile Hair and Makeup 

Be sure to visit Monika and the Makeup Worx team in booth 49 at the Niagara Spring Wedding Show 2013

Also check out to view the entire Wedding Show Exhibitor List at the website below!

16th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show
January 19 & 20, 2013
The Holiday Inn Parkway Hotel and Convention Centre
325 Ontario Street, St. Catharines
Show Times: 12pm-5pm Daily
Fashion Show Times: 1:30pm & 3:30pm Daily


Behind the Wedding Day: Cake by Cheryl

18 Sep
Cake by Cheryl at the Niagara Autumn Wedding Show 2012

Cake by Cheryl at the Niagara Autumn Wedding Show 2012

With the 9th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show fast approaching, TopWeddingShows.com has set out to give you a closer look into the local wedding world, with behind the scenes access to the talented industry leaders who turn your dreams into wedding reality. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Cheryl from Cake by Cheryl! Visit her website: www.cakebycheryl.com

In your opinion, what are the biggest dessert trends for the upcoming wedding season?

-Ruffle Cakes and “BLING!”  

A Beautiful Wedding Cake from Cake by Cheryl

A Beautiful Wedding Cake from Cake by Cheryl

What is the number one piece of advice you’d give to couples planning a wedding in 2012 / 2013?

Know your budget

What is your favourite wedding themed movue or TV/Reality Show of all time?

Say Yes to the Dress

What will you be showcasing at the Niagara Autumn Wedding Show?

Wedding Cakes

Be sure to visit Cake By Cheryl in booth #24 at the 9th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show taking place September 23rd at the Holiday Inn Parkway Hotel and Convention Centre in St. Catharines. Visit www.topweddingshows.com for more information.

Planning a Wedding? How to Get the Most out of the Niagara Spring Wedding Show!

10 Jan

If you an engaged couple, thinking about getting engaged or are a family member of a couple getting married, you know just how busy and stressful planning a wedding can be on top of jobs, school, etc. However, this should also be a happy and exciting time for both the couple getting married and all of their loved ones. In order to keep the planning period as stress free as possible, the 15th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show is a fabulous resource for brides and grooms-to-be because it allows them to not only see, but to hear, hold, touch, taste or smell the products and services they will be purchasing for their wedding day. For instance, you will have an opportunity to sample cakes and other delicious foods for your wedding day and view dozens of beautiful wedding gowns at the daily fashion shows. In addition, a newly engaged couple will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 130 of the wedding professionals they may hire to work their wedding in one neutral and convenient location. This gives the brides and grooms-to-be the opportunity to see which companies best fit in with their wedding style and personalities. No matter what stage of wedding planning a couple is in; before the ring lands on the finger, 18 months away or weeks away, the wedding show is the quickest and more cost efficient way to see the St. Catharines and Niagara Regions’ top wedding professionals and services in one place. Listed below are some suggestions for newly engaged couples and their families and friends to get the biggest benefit out of attending a large wedding show.

Come Prepared: First and foremost, set up an email through yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc., that is only for your wedding planning needs. This way if you choose to give out your contact information, you know where the information is being sent and how wedding professionals are sending it. Be sure to also print out your contact information on pre-made mailing labels to save time and tons of writing when filling out ballots. Lastly, bring a camera or use your camera phone to capture images of great ideas you may have (tip. make sure you take a few pictures of you and your entourage at the show! It’s a fun part of your wedding planning experience and makes for great scrapbooking)!

Come with a Vision, but keep an open mind: You may not even have a date set, or you may know everything you want down to the colour of the groom’s socks! Both types of brides (and all those in between) are welcome at the wedding show. Before you arrive at the wedding show, the best thing you can do is know where you stand. For instance, if you are there to gather information, make contacts and start getting ideas, go in with an open mind, chat with exhibitors but let them know that you are just looking. That way you are keeping lines of communication open, but you have not committed to anything you are not ready for yet. If you have your wedding day vision and date ready to go, the best way to approach a wedding show is to have some sort of idea what your overall budget is and what type of budget you have for each area of your wedding. This will not only help you stay on track, but it will also provide you with information to make sure that your vision and budget are one and the same. Don’t be discouraged if they seem vastly different at first; the Wedding Exhibitors in St. Catharines and Niagara Regions offer a plethora of creative services in various price ranges. Be prepared to communicate your idea and be open to suggestions. If you are almost finished your wedding planning, make a list of what products or services you are still in need of before you visit the wedding show in order to stay as organized as possible. It is not recommended that you visit wedding professionals that offer services you already have, as it may cause buyer’s remorse or puts unnecessary doubt in your mind.

Plan Your Visit Around the Fashion Shows: Niagara Spring Wedding Show boasts two daily fashion shows filled with the hottest bridal gown trends. The fashion shows offer great inspiration for chooing your perfect wedding dress for you and your body type because you are able to see the gowns in motion on the runway on many different body types. If you already have your dream dress, check out the bridesmaid gowns and tux choices live on stage. Fashion Show Times are 1:30 & 3:30 Daily Bring Your Necessary Supplies: You want to be as comfortable as possible when attending a wedding show so that your attention is on planning your dream wedding instead of focusing on your personal comfort.

Here is a list of Handy Wedding Show Survival Tips

• Wear comfy shoes

• Leave extra sweaters and coats in the car

• Bring a sturdy bag like a grocery store reusable bag to gather information

• Bring your mom, bridesmaids, friends or groom in order to bounce ideas off and to get a second opinion

• Carry a floorplan and exhibitor list with you, like The Official Show Programme you will receive at the front door. It gets overwhelming seeing so many different types of wedding professionals and it is easier to circle or star some of your favourites on the list to follow up with later See you at the 15th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show at the Newly renovated Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Conference Centre (formerly known as The Quality Parkway Hotel) 325 Ontario St. Catharines For more information, visitwww.TopWeddingShows.com

Wedding Food Trends

12 Sep

While the wedding day holds out countless highlights to the bride and groom, undoubtedly, the unrivaled point of anticipation for the guests, is the dinner menu. No matter the excitement of the day, how breath-taking the gown or how elegant the setting, what it all really comes down to, is the food. As a guest attending a wedding, you’ve chatted with friends, introduced yourself to strangers, enjoyed the ceremony, and the listened to the speeches of all involved… now it’s time to eat and you’ve earned it!

That’s why most engaged couples today give extra attention to the culinary side of their wedding day. Special onus is placed on this facet of the evening’s events because it will be the common denominator of the day. Everyone will partake and everyone will formulate an opinion. So how can a bride and groom show their desire to set a fine table? What are the trends that have the most impact? And how can a couple keep within a reasonable budget while still hosting a meal to remember?

If you don’t want to take the typical one-meat-and-two-sides approach to dinner, then don’t. Wedding food has evolved from the classic plated meal to a reception filled with innovative food stations and a variety of cuisines options.

Downsize to Minis
Bite-size samplers have become one of the hottest trends in wedding food, from shots of soups to large spoons of savory canapes . You can also serve a sit-down meal with downsized servings, which are bigger than an appetizer but smaller than the usual course serving — it will allow your guests to have more room for more courses.

Comfort Foods
Dress up traditional comfort foods. Think sliders, gourmet macaroni and cheese or even a mashed potato bar where guests can create their own concoctions of starchy heaven! Classic favorites can add a little whimsy and fun to the traditional.

Food Stations
Giving your guests the option of visiting food stations creates a relaxed and conversational atmosphere. Guests will enjoy the variety and being able to converse with people not seated at their table. From meat carving stations to sushi bars, this can add a really sensory experience to your evening and have guests mingling throughout the night.

Food Trucks
These are all the rage right now! Every city has them, every city loves them! Food Trucks are the ultimate late night station, they pull up outside of your reception venue and your guests are treated to all kinds of specialties on their way out!

Eco-Friendly Fare
This can run up the price tag of your wedding if you want to go all-organic. But there are ways to be eco-friendly and stick within a budget. Look to local, seasonal foods as inspiration for your menu. Many caterers are happy to work with what is in season and easy to access from local farmers, suppliers and retailers.

Cut out the Cake
While cutting the wedding cake may be a tradition, don’t let it box you in. Switch it up with multiple types of pies, creme brulees, cupcakes, tarts and cobblers. Or skip baked goods all together and set up a sweet table with an array of goodies that inspire childhood memories of the candy shop!

For more great ideas and to meet the vendors that can make your wedding day visions come to life, be sure to attend;

The 14th Annual Hamilton Halton Fall Wedding Show
Saturday and Sunday, September 17th and 18th, 2011
The Careport Centre, 270 Longwood Road South, Hamilton


The 8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show
Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway, 327 Ontario St., St. Catharines



TopWeddingShows Up Close with Lush Florals

27 Jun

Lush Floral’s word to live by: Make it luscious

iPhone or Blackberry:  Blackberry, soon to be iphone

Twitter Handle: @LushFlorals

Company Facebook Page: Lush Florals and Events

Your Overall Favourite Wedding Trend of 2011-2012:I love DIY wedding projects.  Especially the fabric and paper flowers you see popping up on wedding blogs.  They look amazing hanging for a ceremony backdrop or even pinned into the crooks of Manzanita branches for centerpieces.  I just really enjoy the organic feel DIY items have, it let’s your guests know you spent a lot of time on small details, and gives you huge bragging rights.

DIY ideas from Lush Florals

DIY ideas from Lush Florals

I recently did a photoshoot with my sister of Kings+Queens Photography and we added a lot of DIY elements to the shoot.  We focused on a retro literature theme.  So we wrapped vases with old book covers, stacked centerpieces on colourful paperbacks and created book mobiles.  One of my favorites was the paper cone table runner we created from an old architecture magazine.

Your Favourite Wedding Flower Trend of 2011-2012:  Echiveria!  I am a huge plant fanatic so when I started to see succulents showing up in bouquets I was super excited.  The silver blue grey or even purple muted hues of echiveria lend really well to vintage or rustic style bouquets.  They also add a twist to very popular all green bouquets.


Echiveria! Melanie's favourite flower

This was a wedding we did just this past Saturday with Echiveria in the bride’s bouquet. 

8)     Should a bride take her dress size and overall body size and type into consideration when choosing a type of bouquet?  If so, what type of things should she look for?

I think this should be taken into the smallest of consideration.  I think a bigger factor is what the bride wants.  If a tiny bride wants a gigantic bouquet, that is what she should get. 

9)     A Flower type or colour combination you wish brides would try more often:

I wish I could work with yellow a bit more often, in combination with any colour!  My favorite yellow flower is probably brain celosia with a close second of kangaroo paw.  They are both in this bouquet of ours that was featured on the cover of Toronto life!

Yellow is a great flower colour to combine with many different colours

Yellow is a great flower colour to combine with many different colours. photo: Boyfriend Girlfriend Photography

What type of flower would you recommend to brides on a budget?

I feel like I need to shout this from the rooftops…CARNATIONS!  Everything old is new again recently and carnations are having a huge comeback.  I don’t mean a dozen cotton candy pink carnations with baby’s breath here, it’s all in the way you use them!  My favorite is a dark eggplant purple carnation called moonvista.  Tucked lower in to bouquets in mass they take on a completely different look. Plus it is one of the few truly dark purple flowers that are available year round.

 In this bouquet moonvista carnations were used along with purple lisianthus to get the desired punch of eggplant.

carnations: perfect for a bride on a budget

carnations: perfect for a bride on a budget

 What is your favourite style/flower for a groom’s Boutonnieres / Buttonhole?

I am a big fan of berzillia berries, clematis seed heads or anything that isn’t too fussy (or extra fragile).  My favorite boutonniere to date was just a few dahlia buds and kangaroo paw with a “hand tied” look to it.  I think a wrap of ribbon also helps to finish the boutonniere off.  For an avid fisherman we did fishing lure boutonnieres, that was also a lot of fun.

Modern take on the traditional grooms Boutonnière

Modern take on the traditional grooms Boutonnière. Boyfriend Girlfriend photography. Jessica Blain Smith Photography. Kings+Queens

One Wedding Flower Trend you wish would completely stop:

Can’t really think of any trend that I want to stop.  Trends get people excited about their weddings, and heat up discussions on blogs.  I am excited to see what the next wedding trend will be and as a florist you would love to be the one to start it!

Visit Melanie and her entire team at Lush Florals at the 8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show taking place Sunday October 2, 2011 at The Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

Full show details at www.TopWedding Shows.com

Lush Florals

370 Kraft Rd

Fort Erie, ON, L2A 4M5

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