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Custom Made Wedding Band Prize at The Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show This Weekend!

16 Sep

Diamonds! Sapphires! Gold! Oh my! I don’t know any girl who would turn down a great piece of jewellery…especially if its from the man of your dreams. If you are attending a bridal show, there is a good chance you have already wearing a beautiful engagement ring.  However, you and your hubby-to-be probably have not decided on purchasing your actual wedding bands.  Never fear, that is where the Hamilton-Halton & Niagara Autumn Wedding Shows come in!

At each of our fashion shows, one lucky lady will be chosen to receive a custom-made wedding band, designed specifically to compliment her diamond engagement ring, courtesy of Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers.

Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers

Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers

Moe Coutu, owner and jewellery designer at Lessard Coutu as designed a specialized computer software system that allows you to “try before you buy”.  This experience gives you and your groom the opportunity to see what your masterpiece will look like before it’s even made. This takes your experience far beyond what traditional jewellery methods will allow, but still maintain the hand made quality that you would expect from a high end jeweller.

On a personal note, I used to work in a jewellery store while in school. One of my favourite roles there was helping a soon-to-be-wed couple choose their wedding bands. While I know,  the wedding band is simply a physical and material aspect of the larger emotional connection and solemn commitment of marriage; it was always still a heartfelt moment to watch two people take such great care in choosing something that perfectly represents their relationship and something that they will wear proudly, everyday.

Come to the upcoming Hamilton-Halton & Niagara Regions’ Top Wedding Shows to in order to win a Custom Made Wedding Band Courtesy of Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers.  All you have to do is be spotted wearing your “I’m a Bride” sticker by one of the team at the Hamilton-Halton & Niagara Fall Wedding Shows! Show details below!




13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

September 18 & 19, 2010

The Careport Centre, Hamilton

270 Longwood Rd., S., between Main St W & Aberdeen Ave

Over 150 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your wedding!

7th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Sunday October 3rd, 2010

Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

327 Ontario Street, St. Catharines

The Ultimate Wedding Show! Over 120 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your wedding!


Food Drive at The Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

15 Sep

2nd Annual “Brides for Food Banks”

A Food Drive in Support of Hamilton Food Share

at the 13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 2010

September 17 & 18, 2010 – The Careport Centre, Hamilton

To get local couples wedding planning started on a truly altruistic track, the Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 2010 is running the 2nd Annual Wedding show food drive (Brides for Banks) in support of Hamilton Food Share. We hope to raise over 2,000 canned goods for the families and children in the Hamilton area.

So we ask everyone attending this year’s show, to raid their pantries or head over to their local grocer and bring as many non-perishable food donations as they can to the wedding show at The Careport Centre on September 18th & 19th, 2010.  12noon-5pm each day.  Even if they can’t stay for the show, we still welcome any donations at the door!

WHY? We encourage brides and grooms to incorporate the causes and charities that they are passionate about or would like to become passionate about in their wedding planning because it is a simple way to make their wedding a rewarding, positive experience that truly represents who they are as a couple.  It also allows their wedding to leave a memorable impact on their community and world…not just pretty pic in their photo album!

For more info on Hamilton Food Share, please visit www.hamiltonfoodshare.org

List of Hamilton Food Share’s Most Needed Items

Canned meats & fish

Cold cereal

Pasta sauce and a package of dry pasta

Baby food & formula (needs to have at least 6 wks till expiry left on it.)

Fruit cups

Fruit drinking boxes (Kid’s nutritional treats)

Canned pastas

Meat soups

Powdered milk

Kraft Dinner

Peanut butter


Canned vegetables

Pork and beans



How to look fabulous in your wedding dress

27 Aug

Everyone knows that on your wedding day, it’s all about the dress, right?  But let me tell  you ladies, you could have the most beautiful dress in the entire world, but poor posture, false smile or incorrect undergarments can very well end up stealing (and ruining) how beautiful you look  on your wedding day.

Jenn and I had a chance to sit down and chat with Geoffrey Chapman, owner master choreographer and teacher at Geoffrey Chapman Models to chat about how you can be the `best you` on your wedding day.

Check out our youtube interview with Geoffrey at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGYwbdD3mjQ

Remember, you want to wear the dress in order to look your most fabulous on your wedding day. Don’t let the dress wear you!




13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

September 18 & 19, 2010 The Careport Centre, 270 Longwood Rd S. Hamilton, ON

7th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Sunday October 3rd, 2010, Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

St. Catharines, ON

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

21 Jul

There are so many moving parts to organize and keep organized when planning your wedding day.  Below is a check list to hopefully help keep you organized, stress free.   The saying “It’s about the journey, not just the destination” is true about the wedding planning process as well.  Having a well thought out plan of attack will definitely aid in making your engagement fun and memorable!

1 Year – 2 Years Before Wedding

-Tell your parents about your decision to get married
-Announce your engagement
-Set a date for your wedding
(have a backup date in mind in case reception site is not available)
-Decide on the type of wedding you would like: Take into consideration:
-Time of day, Number of guests, formality of event, theme indoor, outdoor, seasonal etc.
Set a budget
-Keep an organized record of when, how and on what is money spent
-Consider hiring a wedding planner
Compile a guest list. Take into consideration:
-Grooms family, Brides family and decide who needs to be invited
-Those you need to invite
-Those you should be invited/ those you would be nice to invite
-Decide if you want in invite children with their parents
-Reserve your officiate & reception site
-Send engagement announcement to newspapers or an email blast out to friends and family (don’t forget to change your facebook profile status lol)
-Select your flower girl and ring bearer
-Decide if you would like to have an engagement party
-Determine your color scheme.
-Order your passport, birth certificate for your honeymoon or marriage license
-Purchase engagement ring…look at wedding bands
-Decide on the ceremony and reception sites
Research! Start looking for a photographer, DJ Service, Videographer, caterer, florist etc
-Decide who the attendants will be
-Join a fitness club.
-Start to attend Wedding Shows

8 – 12 Months Before the Wedding
-Select a wedding dress and accessories
-Purchase or rent a wedding dress
-Select formal wear for the groom
-Select and order dresses for bridesmaids
-Start looking at wedding cakes
(taste the different flavors of cake to help in selection)
-Make your final bookings (photographer, DJ, videographer, caterer photographer Register for gifts
-Select patterns and colours
(i.e. room decoration colours, dish patterns)
-Select and order invitations
-Discuss honeymoon destinations
-Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests
-Look into liability insurance for your Stag and Doe and Wedding Reception

4 – 8 Months Before the Wedding
-Order your wedding cake
-Book your limousine
-Order your flowers
(sit down with florist and decide on bouquets & boutonnieres, fresh or silk)
-Make an appointment for your first dress fitting
-Make an appointment with your hair stylist
-Go to the salon for all of your styling needs
-Have the salon come to you for your styling needs
-Book rehearsal dinner
-Plan the menu for the rehearsal dinner
-Make sure bridesmaids have gone for their fittings
-Plan the menu for the reception
-Start writing out invitations
-Select and buy gifts for attendants
-Book honeymoon
-Get the appropriate name-change forms

2 – 4 Months Before Wedding
-Check to make sure you have all the requirements to get married in Ontario -Confirm your honeymoon reservations
-Confirm your music selection
-Bridal Showers should be arranged
-Consider making reservations for a golf outing, an in-room massage, etc. —Apply for your marriage license
-Go for your final fitting – bring shoes and lingerie to be worn that day
-Have Ushers go for their fittings
-Mail the invitations
-Keep up with writing your thank you cards

1 Month Before
-Apply for a marriage license
-Arrange seating arrangements
-Plan the rehearsal dinner party
-Have hairdresser work with your headpiece and make-up
-Purchase your lipstick
-Purchase your perfume
-Rehearse your wedding vows
-Maintain a record of RSVPs and all gifts received
-Arrange final fitting of bridesmaid’s dresses
-Finalize shopping for wedding day accessories, ring pillow, toasting glasses, nylons,
-Make sure all your vendors have maps to all locations, brides home, grooms home, ceremony, park for the pictures and reception
-Find “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a six pence (or shiny penny) for your shoe”

1-2 Week Before Wedding
-Call your rehearsal site with the final number of guests who will be attending your rehearsal
-Call your reception site with the final number of guests who will be attending your reception and finalize seating plan
-Pick up your dress
-Pick up attire for the groom and ushers
-Pack for your honeymoon
-Purchase traveler’s cheques
-Accommodations at the hotel
-Florist order
-Photographer and confirm special photos you want taken
-All music for the ceremony
-Details with the limousine company
-Music for the reception- first dance
-Write place cards and draw a seating chart for the reception
-Write speeches
-Determine the order for the procession
-Contact guests who haven’t responded
-Arrange all final payments to your vendors
-Have someone hand out bombonieres

The Day Before Your Wedding
-Obtain your marriage license if you have not yet done so
-Confirm all of your reservation times and give out gifts
(i.e. limo pick up, hair appointment, etc.)
-Enjoy your rehearsal dinner
-Get a good night sleep…word to the wise, no bachelor parties the night before

The Day of your Wedding
-Eat breakfast (You are going to need your energy!)
-Give the grooms ring and the brides ring to the best man
-Schedule plenty of time to get ready
-Go to your hair appointment
-Go to your make-up appointment
-Splurge and get a massage
-Have someone hand out programs at the ceremony (organize in advance)
-Have someone hand out bombonieres (organize in advance)
-Relax, Enjoy & Have Fun!!

After the Wedding & Honeymoon
-Pick out your thank you picture from your photographer
-Write out/email Thank you cards Send thank you cards with pictures to all your guests & suppliers
-Email out a blog link that has all your wedding photos to all friends and family

-Take your dress to the cleaners
-Return any rented items ASAP
-Enjoy being Married!



For more info, visit www.TopWeddingShows.com

Tips for Brides: Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

6 Jul

Ah the summer months; the flowers are in full bloom, days are longer, the grass is that perfect shade of green and the sun is shining bright.  What a beautiful time to get married.  Oh, did I mention the staggeringly high temperatures, hair flattening or frizzing (whichever is your curse) humidity, and smog-clouded, thick air? May I repeat, what a BEA-U-TI-FUL time to get married;)

Let’s face it, every time of year has some sort of weather “threat” to your wedding day success, even the lovely and ever popular June-August summer months.  The obvious summer threat is the uncontrollable heat waves and hot sticky days. Here are a couple of tips for keeping cool, fresh and flawless on your big day!

The Dress: Avoid heavy fabrics such as taffeta, satin, silks or brocades and opt for a more breathable fabric such as cotton or even a synthetic fabric that does not have the same sticky affects of satin or silk.  Be sure your dress is comfy, not too heavy and that you have had the proper alternations to ensure your dress fits perfectly. Aim for short sleeves, thin straps (halter or spaghetti) or strapless to keep cool and avoid perspiration marks. Check out David’s Bridal for some fashionable and fresh ideas. Choosing the dress suitable for the summer heat is really important to your enjoyment on the big day because you are going to get a bit hot and sweaty with the heat, running around and lots of dancing and hugging, so at least start out being as comfy as possible!

H20! I know it is an obvious solution and everyone has been telling you all summer to stay hydrated when it is scorching outside, but with all the chaos and hectic nature of Your Big Day, drinking water is often pushed to the bottom of your wedding day “to do list”. Make drinking extra water a priority in order to keep your internal core temperature low to keep cool.  If you prefer your beverages with a little more taste, check out this link for a list of delicious and low cal flavoured waters. Just remember to take a pit stop at the bathroom before walking down the aisle!

If you are going to be outside for a significant amount of time, be sure to apply a body lotion and foundation that contains sunscreen so you are not a lobster in your photos and suffering from heat stroke by the time your reception rolls around.

Make up: Avoid oil based or pressed powered foundations as they tend to cake or create an uneven skin tone when you start to perspire. Stick with a water based foundation to start and pack some face blotters to get rid of any access oils or sweat so you stay looking fresh and put together all night long.  An over the counter choice I like is Pure Makeup by Mabelline New York or ask your makeup artists in advance for an oil free foundation and water proof mascara (its two-fold protection from sweat and tears!)

Hair: Keep hairstyles simple and elegant.  If your hair is too “big” or intricate, you run the risk of it falling before you even say “I Do”.  If you still desire the Wow factor when it comes to your wedding hair do, opt for a type of accessory instead of going too big.  Great summer accessories are fake flowers or gem and jeweled clips.  Even though they are pretty proceed with caution if you opt for a real flower, as they most surely will wilt in the heat.   Check out Allure Hair & Makeup for different summer wedding hair “Dos”

Keepin’ It Cool: Create a cool oasis for you and your guests! If your wedding is indoors, hopefully the reception area has AC (at the very least).  This is a very important question to ask while booking! If it is outdoors or in a place with no AC, there are several creative ways to find relief from the heat, such as keep big fans blowing in the tent area or main hall (many tents actually now come with portable A/C units). Or offer heat relief with food and serve ice cream sandwiches, freezies in your wedding colours, juices or punch with sparkling water to your guests as refreshing and fun appetizers. Through a garden wedding theme, encourage everyone to wear fancy hats to keep them out of the sun or if you are near a beach, offer time for a group swim later on in the evening!

Here are some other great tips for you and your guests at your own summer weather.






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