The Evolution of the Wedding Ceremony

14 Dec

Through the years, just about everything that has to do with weddings has evolved in one way or another. Dresses, cake styles and decor have all varied and changed as time has progressed. Perhaps, more tradition based, the wedding ceremony itself has long held place as the standing constant. However, as of late, it to has been refreshed as more and more couples look to customize their wedding day experience to suit their own individual tastes, style and beliefs. Below is a list of the more popular trends when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Perhaps one of them will appeal to you in planning your big day!

The Processional: Most movies today show a misty eyed, father fighting back tears as he walks his daughter down the aisle, however family situations, cultural traditions and personal preference sometimes call for a different choice. So it is not uncommon to see both parents, a step parent, a mother of the bride, a close friend or the groom himself walk the bride down the aisle. There is also the option of walking down the aisle alone or even omitting this aspect all together and simply mingling with their guests before the ceremony, and then, without drawing any attention to themselves, stand in front of their officiant.

Vows: The exchange of wedding vows is an integral part of a wedding ceremony. And arguably one of the most romantic moments of the day as you pledge your love and devotion to each other. While some stick closely to the popular “to have and to hold” line of wording, many couples today see this time as an opportunity, the perfect place to express feelings one for another. While some officiants can help in this aspect there is also many resources available to help an engaged couple find and write the words that best represent their promise to be together.

Including Pets: As you think about who will be with you on your wedding day, those who are closest to you are likely the first to come to mind. For many, that includes a family pet. There are lots of ways to involve furry friends in your celebration, whether in a formal role — as ring bearers or flower dogs, or as honored guests. If you choose to include your pet, be flexible, check with the venue ahead of time, inform your attendants so they can help should you be indisposed and be sure to make a trip to the groomers before the wedding so everyone looks their best on the big day!

No matter what style of wedding you are planning from Celtic to cosmic, there is a style of ceremony that best suits you. Taylor it to fit so that you can look back on that poignant moment knowing you made your day, your own. Guests, friends, family and you yourselves will have the treasured memory of the way you interpreted this time honored tradition.

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