Hiring a Decorator for Your Wedding

19 Nov
Taylor Made Memories Wedding Decor

Taylor Made Memories Wedding Decor

By Katherine Taylor, Owner and Designer of Taylor-Made Memories
905-545-8383 – toll free 1-888-249-4499

A Bride’s Vision

I saw these awesome ideas on the net, and at my friend’s wedding, they had this ceiling draping with lights.  The head table and cake table were all lit up with beautiful floating fabric. Then they had added their signature colour it was like a grape purple to the décor and these gorgeous diamond brooches.  The Backdrop was all lit up and had coloured fabric and crystals to match, it was so pretty.  They had chair covers and the bows were the same colour as the napkins.  She had so many beautiful details that’s  what I want only in royal blue.

I love doing that sort of thing, it’s so much fun.  I am really crafty.  I’ll just buy all the things, (I know some great dollar stores) then, I’ll just get the wedding party, family and friends, go into the hall the day before and show them how I want it and let them go to it.  I’ll get the wedding party and our parents to take it all down after the wedding, they won’t mind.

A Bride’s Reality;

How come I can’t find the things I need?  Wow! I never thought it would cost this much.  I didn’t realize I needed so much material and things to do all this.  Oh! I have to remember to buy extension cords, I hope the wedding party understands the way I want it decorated! Some of them are not very creative.  I’m sure they can get the day off from work that Friday.  I wonder how I attached that ceiling thing? Maybe someone will go up the ladder, it’s pretty high.   I hope everyone is not too tired or drunk to take it all down after the wedding.  I wonder what I’ll do with all of it after the wedding?

WHAT!!!!!  We can’t get into the hall on Friday, they have another function  What am I going to do?  We will all be getting our hair done and the photographer is coming at 11:00 am – OMG – what did I get myself into – what was I thinking, this is too much stress!!!!!!!

Solution -= Hire a professional Designer/Decorator

A good decorator will respond to your call quickly and set up a meeting at their place of business or possibly your venue if the decorator has never worked there before.

The Decorator will consult with you to determine your vision for your perfect day.  She or he will offer options to customize your decorating to match your personal style and taste as well as helpful tips on getting the best bang for your bucks.

You should expect to see a portfolio of the decorating done for other clients and a list of references that you can contact.  A good designer will do a site inspection to determine what will work and not work and take necessary measurements.  Be sure to give the designer a contact name from your venue so they can obtain answers to questions such as time to decorate, tear down times, and review any other details, like safety restrictions such as open flame.

Be sure to get a proper contract itemizing each item and the price, outlining the payment schedule and cancellation policy.  Remember!!!! This contract protects YOU.

A great decorator returns phone calls and e-mails promptly during the planning process for your questions or concerns and is respectful  of your time, arrives on time prepared with all items, equipment, and experienced and friendly staff required for completing the set-up.  The decorator uses their time efficiently and if time restraints are a factor, will bring additional staff to assist the designer in completing your vision.  The designer should have your décor completed long before the guests arrive.  A thoughtful  decorator takes pictures of the décor before any guests arrive to share later with you.

No preparation, removal work should be seen by the Bride and Groom (unless they choose to) or their guests.  The decorator should provide their cell # just in case during set-up and wedding day times.

The only thing a Bride and Groom are responsible for is to walk into a beautifully dressed reception hall and gasp with delight when they see their vision become a reality.

Finally, when your beautiful celebration of love comes to an end, you, your groom, the wedding party, family  and guests can leave with just the memory of a wonderful day.  The decorating team will arrive to remove it all, along with the memory of being a part of your special day.

Be sure to visit Katherine Taylor and Taylor Made Memories in booth # 8 at the

Be sure to visit Katherine Taylor of Taylor Made Memories at the Hamilton Wedding Show 2013

Be sure to visit Katherine Taylor of Taylor Made Memories at the Hamilton Wedding Show 2013

44th Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show,
taking place January 12 & 13, 2013
at The Hamilton Convention Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton
Show Times: 11am-5pm Daily
Fashion Show Times: 1:00pm & 3:30pm Daily

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