Behind the “Big Day” Series: The DJ Emporium

25 Jul

One of the main things guests talk about before a wedding is “I wonder what type of music they are going to play?”….and how much fun they had at the wedding is often what they will remember from years to come! Help your guests get their groove on and ensure you throw a great party overall by booking a great DJ well in advance of  your Big Day.  Fabio from The DJ Emporium took  the time to chat about his experience in being a part of hundreds of different weddings a year. 

PS: The girls at LOVE DJ Emporium’s image on their home page (see below)!  A sign of a great wedding is when your guests are up, dance and having a great time

Q: In your opinion, what are the biggest trends for the upcoming wedding season?

A: LIVE Entertainment! (Check out a video of a DJ Emporium Event HERE)

DJ Emporium DJ & Live Entertainment at Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 2012

DJ Emporium DJ & Live Entertainment

From what the team at has seen, while DJs are still popular, couples are incorporating different types of live entertainment throughout their entire wedding. From trumpet players announcing the bride when she walks down the aisle, salsa dancers at the reception to full swing bands or steel drum bands getting everyone to the dance floor; live entertainment adds so much energy to your wedding party.

Q: What is the number one piece of advice you would give to couples planning a wedding in 2012/2013?

A: Believe in the wedding professionals you hire! Remember, you get what you pay for.

Q: What is one of the funniest/strangest things you have experienced since working in the wedding industry?

A: At one wedding, the groom suffered heat stroke, left to the hospital on his own, then returned after dinner to party!

Q: What is your favourite part of the wedding process?

A: PARTY TIME!  Its fun to see everyone cut loose and enjoy themselves!

DJ Emporium exhibiting at Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 2012

DJ Emporium exhibiting at Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 2012

Q: What will you be showcasing at the Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show?

A: DJ and Live Entertainment Services

Be sure to visit the entire team at The DJ Emporium in booth #180 at the

15th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

September 29 & 30, 2012~The Careport Expo Centre

270 Longwood Rd South, Hamilton, Ontario

Or Visit The DJ Emporium at their location

4000 Steeles Ave, Woodbride, ON

P: 905-850-3176 E:


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