Wedding Pro Interview with Jeffery Bridal by Merike

8 Dec

Merike from Jeffery Bridal by Merike on Upper James in Hamilton took the time to chat with us about the upcoming 2012 bridal gown trends as well as providing new brides-to-be with some helpful tips to have the best experience when choosing their ideal wedding gown.

Q:What are your favourite bridal gown trends for 2012?

A: The coming year will bring illusion necklines, where the see-through layering might cover shoulders, chest, back and arms. The tip to this trend is that all the “covers” can be made removable and added to any existing strapless gown depending how creative the seamstress want to be or how much changes the gown designers are offering. Another is “COLOR” blush, silver, hint of green!

Q:What is the best way to choose a figure flattering and pretty bridesmaid dress, when all of your bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes?

A: The best way to choose the most flattering bridesmaid dress is to stick to the flattering silhouette your bridesmaids most often wear, be it A-line, short ,long, fitted or flowy. it is becoming more popular to combine several different styles for one bridalparty, but using same color and fabric and lenght. this way all the girls will look pretty and happy.  Tip of the trade : let the bridal consultant show you  how to match different styles so the bridal party still look uniform while wearing the dresses. Also be open to suggestions from the consultant, many times she may have exellent ideas to make your  girls look fabulous.

Q:3) What are the hottest colour combos for the 2012 season?

A: I see more “happy” colors coming in such as Coral and White. Coral is flattering for every skin tone and is very spring and can be combined with several other contrasting colors as navy,black and green.

Q: What are the top 3 questions you recommend a bride should ask the bridal salon so she has the best experience possible?

A:  for best service brides should ask for a)personalized appointment b) flexibility for changes c) timing for ordering

Q: How far in advance of their wedding should a bride typically purchase and order their wedding gown?

A: general order process time from the day a bride starts looking for dresses until to the actual wear date is ideally 6 month. It all depends of course on the bridal boutique procedures and supplier terms, as to some designers deliver very quick and some may need up to 8 months or more. As to the entire planning of the wedding …its never too early to decide on your dress

Q: What are your favourite accessories for the upcoming year?

A: Favorite accessory would be beaded belts. This is new trend and they are just pretty. however it is kind of an investment piece or in this matter even heirloom item to pass it along to future brides in the family.

Q: For brides and bridesmaids on a budget, what tips or advice can you offer them?

A: Brides on budget can always score an incredible deal by purchasing sample gown. it does not have to be one time madness sale since  most stores are happy to move their merchandise, so ask and you’ll receive. Try to avoid online bargains as they oftentimes are cheap replicas of designer dresses and almost never measure up to the original quality and fit.

Q: What are the top 3 things a bride should bring to a wedding gown appointment to try on dresses?

A: Brides who come for shopping for a wedding gowns should always bring a a) quality bra,( either convertible or strapless)..the gowns just do look way better with correct support. b) Shoes about the hight of the supposed wedding shoes…again few inches of the dress makes or breaks the look. c) Hair…please try to have the hair done somewhat close to the supposed look for your wedding day…this again will help you to look as pretty while trying the dresses as it will be on your ‘Big Day”, another tip ….come rested and in the good spririts…it is a work-out to try on dresses and much easier to decide on the purchase when you mind is set to do so.

Q:In your opinion, what is the most universally flattering cut of a gown?

A: Universally flattering silhouette is modest A-line. Not too wide and too skimpy.

Q:What are the best colours and cuts for MOB and MOG?

A: Colors for moms usually complement the entire bridal party, However there are two guidelines to keep in mind about color is a) blending colors or b) contrasting colors. Again let the bridal consultant help you with this and show how the color play may turn out.

Q: What colour of bridesmaid dresses do you wish more brides would choose?
A: Color is a personal prefrence matter to begin with. Concerning weddings it is normally set by the season and/or color theme the couple chooses for their wedding. However there are four colors that are always a winner: celadon green, navy blue, coral and aubergine, regardless of trends or seasons. These seem to be safe and flattering for every skintone of the person.


Jeffery Bridal by Merike will be in booth number 145 at the 43rd Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show on January 7 & 8, 2012 at The Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton

Jeffery Bridal by Merike’s gowns will also be on the fashion show runways at 1:00 & 3:30 daily!


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