A Bridesmaid’s Guide

14 Sep

Being asked to stand at a friend’s side as they get married is a real honor. However, as recent hollywood movies portray, in all it’s hilarity, being a bridesmaid can also be a stressful, busy, assignment. Traditionally, a bridesmaid is a close friend or relative of the couple getting married. As such, there is much opportunity to offer assistance.

Here’s a list of responsibilities that are usually expected of a bridesmaid;

  • Help the bride with the planning of the wedding, offering opinions, ideas and suggestions
  • Be available for dress shopping, fittings, shoe shopping, make up and hair trials for both you and the bride
  • Assembling of wedding favors, DIY wedding crafts, centre pieces and addressing invitations
  • Assist in organizing, or host the bridal shower and bachelorette night
  • Cover the cost of own wedding attire, accessories, make-up and hair
  • Attend bridal related events, including engagement parties, ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Be at the bride’s side to help throughout the wedding day, posing for pictures, sitting at the head table
  • Prepare and give a wedding toast
  • Help with any clean-up at the end of the night, if necessary
  • Being ever ready and emotionally available to offer support, a listening ear and a place to vent

In order to be the best kind of friend during the days leading up to the wedding, a bridesmaid can arm herself with some preparation that will come in handy during those high stress moments. Be in the know when it comes to the bride’s wishes. Keep a list of wedding day events and do your best to keep her on schedule. Remember any last-minute practical products or supplies that may have slipped the brides mind and have them with you should the need arise. Be the bride’s advocate. When things are getting chaotic, try to step in where appropriate, answer what you can, field phone calls, and direct vendors. The end goal is help your bride enjoy her day. Being available, ready and able to do that, will help you to live up to the title of bridesmaid and friend.

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