chats Wedding Invitations with Savvy Sendables

9 Aug

Sarah and Nikki from Savvy Sendables has taken the time to give us the latest on wedding invitations trends. Be sure to visit Sarah and  Nikki at the 8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show 2011 in booth #2!

Savvy Sendables participating in Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Q: What is the hottest trend in invitations right now?

A: A few of the trends that we have noticed are bold colours; a favourite of our couples has been cobalt blue and turquoise.  Patterns such as paisley and damask are always in style as well as textures such as wood grain are making an appearance.  Coloured envelopes to accent the invitation are popular as well rather than the traditional white or cream.

Q: What is the proper way to list the parents of the bride and groom on the invitation?

A: Wedding planning has changed so much over the years that there are a number of things to take into consideration when deciding how to list the names of the parents.  Traditionally, if the parents of the bride are hosting the wedding you would list their names first above their daughters name i.e. “Mr. & Mrs. John Smith request the pleasure of your company…” followed by names of the grooms parents below his name i.e. “son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones.”  Creative ideas and personal preference also play a role in invitation wording sometimes leaving traditional wording on the cutting room floor!

Q:  How far in advance should brides and grooms send out their invitations before the wedding?

A: Invitations should traditionally be sent out at 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  We always recommend our first meeting with the bride and groom be 4 months (or sooner!) before their wedding. We want to allow for enough time to design and assemble your perfect invitation although we’ve done it in far less time!



8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show 2011

Sunday October 2, 2011

The Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway & Conference Centre

formerly The Quality Parkway  327 Ontario Street St. Catharines, ON

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