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27 Jun

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Your Overall Favourite Wedding Trend of 2011-2012:I love DIY wedding projects.  Especially the fabric and paper flowers you see popping up on wedding blogs.  They look amazing hanging for a ceremony backdrop or even pinned into the crooks of Manzanita branches for centerpieces.  I just really enjoy the organic feel DIY items have, it let’s your guests know you spent a lot of time on small details, and gives you huge bragging rights.

DIY ideas from Lush Florals

DIY ideas from Lush Florals

I recently did a photoshoot with my sister of Kings+Queens Photography and we added a lot of DIY elements to the shoot.  We focused on a retro literature theme.  So we wrapped vases with old book covers, stacked centerpieces on colourful paperbacks and created book mobiles.  One of my favorites was the paper cone table runner we created from an old architecture magazine.

Your Favourite Wedding Flower Trend of 2011-2012:  Echiveria!  I am a huge plant fanatic so when I started to see succulents showing up in bouquets I was super excited.  The silver blue grey or even purple muted hues of echiveria lend really well to vintage or rustic style bouquets.  They also add a twist to very popular all green bouquets.


Echiveria! Melanie's favourite flower

This was a wedding we did just this past Saturday with Echiveria in the bride’s bouquet. 

8)     Should a bride take her dress size and overall body size and type into consideration when choosing a type of bouquet?  If so, what type of things should she look for?

I think this should be taken into the smallest of consideration.  I think a bigger factor is what the bride wants.  If a tiny bride wants a gigantic bouquet, that is what she should get. 

9)     A Flower type or colour combination you wish brides would try more often:

I wish I could work with yellow a bit more often, in combination with any colour!  My favorite yellow flower is probably brain celosia with a close second of kangaroo paw.  They are both in this bouquet of ours that was featured on the cover of Toronto life!

Yellow is a great flower colour to combine with many different colours

Yellow is a great flower colour to combine with many different colours. photo: Boyfriend Girlfriend Photography

What type of flower would you recommend to brides on a budget?

I feel like I need to shout this from the rooftops…CARNATIONS!  Everything old is new again recently and carnations are having a huge comeback.  I don’t mean a dozen cotton candy pink carnations with baby’s breath here, it’s all in the way you use them!  My favorite is a dark eggplant purple carnation called moonvista.  Tucked lower in to bouquets in mass they take on a completely different look. Plus it is one of the few truly dark purple flowers that are available year round.

 In this bouquet moonvista carnations were used along with purple lisianthus to get the desired punch of eggplant.

carnations: perfect for a bride on a budget

carnations: perfect for a bride on a budget

 What is your favourite style/flower for a groom’s Boutonnieres / Buttonhole?

I am a big fan of berzillia berries, clematis seed heads or anything that isn’t too fussy (or extra fragile).  My favorite boutonniere to date was just a few dahlia buds and kangaroo paw with a “hand tied” look to it.  I think a wrap of ribbon also helps to finish the boutonniere off.  For an avid fisherman we did fishing lure boutonnieres, that was also a lot of fun.

Modern take on the traditional grooms Boutonnière

Modern take on the traditional grooms Boutonnière. Boyfriend Girlfriend photography. Jessica Blain Smith Photography. Kings+Queens

One Wedding Flower Trend you wish would completely stop:

Can’t really think of any trend that I want to stop.  Trends get people excited about their weddings, and heat up discussions on blogs.  I am excited to see what the next wedding trend will be and as a florist you would love to be the one to start it!

Visit Melanie and her entire team at Lush Florals at the 8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show taking place Sunday October 2, 2011 at The Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

Full show details at www.TopWedding

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