Local Brides: Katherine’s Wedding Planning Story

10 Jun

Over the years, the team at TopWeddingShows.com has had the unique ability to get to know many local brides and grooms-to-be while the couples are in various stages of wedding planning. After witnessing thousands of wedding planning experiences and getting to know the people involved, we have realized that each and every wedding is unique: in style, size, experience, stresses and of course, the personalities of each bride and groom.  We have decided to highlight some of the brides and groom’s-to-be in the area and share their wedding panning stories.  If you are getting married, I hope you find each story comforting to know there are other ladies experiences the same highs and lows of wedding planning and you may pick up some inspiring tips from each other as well. It’s also kinda nice to be reminded that there is a Whole Lotta Love in this region;) Happy reading.

Bride: Katherine Vooys (Marrying Jamie:))
Age: 25
Occupation: Events (Sales & Marketing)

How You Got Engaged: We were at his house and he was trying to do something cute but it just wasn’t working (wanted to put it in the bottom of a champagne glass but I said I didn’t want champagne, and then wanted to tie it to a chocolate horse but I said I didn’t want chocolate) so he just asked!

What is your wedding date? October 15th, 2011

Local Wedding Feature: Katherine & Jamie

Local Engaged Couple: Katherine & Jamie

What aspect of your wedding planning are you finding the most stressful? Just finding the time to work on my own wedding

What area of your wedding are you really splurging on? The reception venue

How many people are in your wedding party? 11 (5 maids, 6 groomsmen)

How many people are coming to your wedding? Approximately 125

What is your colour scheme? Grey and peach

Do you have an overall theme for your wedding? Romantic/vintage

What moment of your wedding are you most excited for? When the speeches are done and we can all party!

What image/idea/theme is inspiring you the most while planning your wedding? Even though we are having a Fall wedding, I like the idea of soft colours and simplicity. My engagement ring is very simple and my whole inspiration behind our wedding is my engagement ring.

What is the most unique/special thing you are incorporating into your wedding? Not sure yet!

What song can you not wait to dance to on your wedding day with your groom/girlfriends/family? Good question, we need to come up with the playlist still

What are you most looking forward to about married life? Well we already live together so not much will change! But I love living with my best friend!

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8th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Sunday October 2, 2011, Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre, St. Catharines

14th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show 

September 17 & 18, 2011 The Careport Centre, Hamilton


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