Profile of a Modern Bride

27 Apr

I recently interviewed a local bride with an upcoming wedding (September 17 2011) to chat about her wedding experiences. Weddings and wedding planning are a mix of emotions. The stress of planning and the joy of taking vows with the person you love.

We immediately started discussing what she is most excited and nervous for. She is looking forward to the speeches, at the reception, and is nervous to the walk down the aisle and recite her vows in front of all her guests and wedding party. Her large wedding party consists of herself, her fiancé, six bridesmaids, six groomsman, three flower girls and a ring bearer. It will be quite a party.

The hardest part of wedding planning – for many brides – is budgeting; figuring out where the money is coming from and just how much there actually is. She had some great budgeting advice “brides need to figure out everything they want first then find out if it is reasonable and research all prices. This way the money can be moved around until a suitable budget is made and everything you really want is included.”

The advice I have heard most often from wedding planners and past brides is it is important to set aside part of the budget for unexpected and sometimes costly extras like postage.

Another struggle, for her, was finding a location that was beautiful, budget friendly and accommodating to her needs and guests. This is, most likely, the biggest expense and sets the tone for the rest of the wedding, therefore planning and researching is extremely important. Do not be afraid to contact multiple venues and ask important questions. Corkage may not seem like an important term but it is these little expenses that will send your budget over the edge.

I asked if there was anything she would “do over”; if she could go back in time she would chance one thing. When she first began wedding planning she dismissed a wedding planner because, at the time, it seemed like a waste of money. However, as the day approaches she wishes she had invested part of the budget into a wedding or event planner.

A wedding planner can relieve much of the stress and help you to see the big picture. It is their job to help make sure the locations, flowers, linens, dishes and everything else is coordinated and appropriate.

Wedding planning is exciting but can be stressful and time consuming. A lot of little things can pop-up and cause unwanted headaches. For this bride, booking an officiant was a daunting task. She did not realize they are often booked up to four months in advance and each one has their own “way” of doing things. After four interviews she was finally able to find one that matched her wedding style. It is important to remember that this is your and your fiancé’s day, do what makes you happy. In the end it is your wedding, a time to celebrate your love and commitment.

By: Lauren Durfy

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