Guest List Drama

27 Apr

Controversy ensued when the royal guest like was publicized. Articles published slammed William for inviting many unpopular state heads, like the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain.

Chief Graham Smith of Republic, the anti-monarch campaign group, went to the press complaining, “Whatever happened to William’s supposedly strong social conscience? He must take personal responsibility for this and rescind the invitations immediately.” However, a statement later released said the queen – following tradition – was the one who invited the other heads of state.

While most brides’ guest lists do not make international news, they can cause family drama. Many brides struggle with the people they want to invite and whom they, or their family, feels should be invited. How can a couple choose their guest list without slighting family and friends?

OPTION 1: Destination Wedding (Reception apon Return)

This option lets couples have the best of both. Because the wedding is abroad many guests, not closely connected to the couple, would not want the expense and hassle of travel. This will keep the actual wedding celebration small and personal. Apon the couple’s return a weekend reception will satisfy all the extra guests, business partners and distant family.

OPTION 2: Capacity Limit

Choose a venue that has a unique feature, seen as important to the couple, but is also small. If the small venue has a big significance to the couple many people will understand the reason why it was chosen and will not feel as insulted that the were not invited.

OPTION 3: Blame the Economy

Unlike the royal wedding, couples can always use budgeting as an excuse. In these hard economic times, people are more budget sensitive and your decision will be better understood than in previous generations.

The most important thing to remember is that it is a celebration of your love and you should feel comfortable with the people invited to celebrate this special moment. There needs to be a balance between what you want and others feelings. If there are people, such as distant cousins, who you would prefer not to be there still try to make them feel part of your special day. Sending little wedding tokens or photos will make them feel valued without comprising your vision.

By: Lauren Durfy

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