Planning a Wedding? How to Get the Most out of the Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show!

4 Jan
Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2011

Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2011

Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show

Hamilton Convention Centre

January 8 & 9, 2011

As a busy engaged couple or family member of a couple getting married, you know just how busy and stressful planning a wedding can be on top of jobs, school, etc.  However, this should also be a happy and exciting time for both the couple getting married and all of their loved ones. In order to keep the planning period as stress free as possible, the 42nd Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show is a fabulous resource for brides and grooms-to-be because it allows them to not only see, but to hear, hold, touch, taste or smell the products and services they will be purchasing for their wedding day. For instance, you will have an opportunity to sample cakes and main course menu items you may want to serve at your wedding and view hundreds of beautiful wedding gowns at the daily fashion shows. In addition, a newly engaged couple will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with over  200 of the wedding professionals they may hire to work their wedding in one neutral and convenient location.  This gives the brides and grooms-to-be the opportunity to see which companies best fit in with their wedding style and personalities. No matter what stage of wedding planning a couple is in; 18 months away or weeks away, the wedding show is the quickest and more cost efficient way to see the Hamilton-Halton regions’ top wedding professionals and services in one place. Listed below are some suggestions for newly engaged couples and their families and friends to get the biggest benefit out of attending a large wedding show.

Come Prepared:First and foremost, set up an email through yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc., that is only for your wedding planning needs.  This way if you choose to give out your contact information, you know where the information is being sent and how wedding professionals are sending it. Be sure to also print out your contact information on pre-made mailing labels to save time and tons of writing when filling out ballots. Lastly, bring a camera or use your camera phone to capture images of great ideas you may have (tip. make sure you take a few pictures of you and your entourage at the show! It’s a fun part of your wedding planning experience and makes for great scrapbooking)!

Come with a Vision, but keep an open mind: You may not even have a date set, or you may know everything you want down to the colour of the grooms socks! Both types of brides (and all those in between) are welcome at the wedding show. Before you arrive at the wedding show, the best thing you can do is know where you stand. For instance, if you are there to gather information, make contacts and start getting ideas, go in with an open mind, chat with exhibitors but let them know that you are just looking. That way you are keeping lines of communication open, but you have not committed to anything you are not ready for yet. If you have your wedding day vision and date ready to go, the best way to approach a wedding show is to have some sort of idea what your overall budget is and what type of budget you have for each area of your wedding.  This will not only help you stay on track, but it will also provide you with information to make sure that your vision and budget are one and the same.  Don’t be discouraged if they seem vastly different at first; the Wedding Exhibitors in Hamilton & Halton Regions offer a plethora of creative services in various price ranges.  Be prepared to communicate your idea and be open to suggestions. If you are almost finished your wedding planning, make a list of what products or services you are still in need of before you visit the wedding show in order to stay as organized as possible. It is not recommended that you visit wedding professionals that offer services you already have, as it may cause buyer’s remorse or puts unnecessary doubt in your mind.
Bring Your Necessary Supplies:You want to be as comfortable as possible when attending a wedding show so that your attention is on planning your dream wedding instead of focusing on your personal comfort.  Here is a list of Handy Wedding Show Survival Tips

  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Leave extra sweaters and coats in the car
  • Bring a sturdy bag like a grocery store reusable bag to gather information
  • Bring your mom, bridesmaids, friends or groom in order to bounce ideas off and to get a second opinion
  • Carry a floorplan and exhibitor list with you, like The Official Show Programme you will receive at the front door.  It gets overwhelming seeing so many different types of wedding professionals and it is easier to circle or star some of your favourites on the list to follow up with later

See you at the 42nd Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show! For more information, visit

Please contact Shannon & Jennifer at 905-524-3689 if you have any questions



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