Wedding Professional Spotlight: Carol Rame Weddings

20 Dec

Name of Company: Carol Rame Weddings (Wedding Planning, Design and Decor)

Carol Rame

Carol Rame

Company Motto: LOVE Your Wedding..

Favourite Aspect/Moment of Planning a Wedding: After months of hard work and planning with my clients, I absolutely love seeing the final product of everything that we had planned and designed all come together. It`s so nice to see my clients relaxed, and enjoying their day without any worries. I also always get a little teary-eyed when I see them exchanging their vows, I am so happy for them!

Biggest Wedding Trend of 2011 when it comes to wedding planning: I absolutely love that couples are opting for more intimate affairs and going all out for their guests! I also like that more couples are showing off their individual style whether it`s vintage, rustic, glitzy or city chic. I also like to see the old mixed in with the new, and adding in unique twists to challenge the old traditions. I also notice more couples are budgeting more for decor and lighting-which is really nice to see since it makes a huge impact.

I love that more couples have become eco-conscious when it comes to their day which is great!

Detail of a wedding reception head table by Carol Rame Weddings

Detail of a wedding reception head table by Carol Rame Weddings

There are so many DIY brides today,what is favourite project for a DIY bride and what areas of wedding planning would you caution brides about when “going it alone”: I have a profound appreciation for anything handmade, so I truly appreciate the DIY Bride and her ambition to put all of that effort into her wedding day! One of my favourite DIY projects is having fun with seating charts-you can really get creative on names or themes for your tables, and the way you display the seating cards for your guests-simple, little things that can make a fun impact on your guests!

DIY is great-to a point. If you find yourself taking on too much, you are stressing over the project, or losing patience I would definitely consider hiring a pro to do the job instead. Sometimes DIY can cost you more in the long run with time, stress, and buying all the tools and materials you need for the job-DIY doesn`t always equal cheaper.

Your favourite trend of 2011: I think the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will shake things up a bit in terms of trends, but lately I am loving those one shoulder dresses!

One of your favourite places (venues, outside etc) to conduct a wedding ceremony: I love outdoor weddings, or any venues that have lots of windows to showcase nature’s beauty! I did a Wedding at the Ancaster Old Mill that was a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, and one of my favourite indoor places to decorate is The Flamborough Hills Golf Club, both places also have great staff, and were very accommodating for my couples.

Head Table by Carol Rame Weddings

Head Table by Carol Rame Weddings

Favourite colour palette of 2011: I really love mixing tones-especially metallic shades with colour!  Copper mixed with navy blue, Champagne and Ivory with gold accents. I also love the new Pantone colour of the year for 2011: Honeysuckle pink!

How does a bride know when they need a wedding coordinator: Sometimes wedding planning can start to bring on different types of stresses and worries on a newly engaged couple-more than what they bargained for.

Detail of a Wedding Reception by Carol Rame

Detail of a Wedding Reception by Carol Rame

There are quite a few indicators that you may need a wedding coordinator-I’ve outlined a few for you;

– If you have no idea where to begin

– Get stressed at the thought of planning your wedding,

-You are not staying within budget

-Your vision isn’t coming together

-You and your partner are not getting along over the wedding planning process

-Other people’s opinions are hindering your own plans

– If you don’t have a good support system, or are having trouble getting the help you need

– You are not sure how to go about hiring your vendors, or the right questions to ask

Those are all pretty good indicators that you need to hire one. Wedding planning should be fun, but it can bring a lot of pressure to a newly engaged couple. A good coordinator can step in and get things on the right track-and not only save you the stress, and worry but could also save you from making costly mistakes.

Visit Carol Rame in booth 101 at the 42nd Annual  Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show on January 8th & 9th, 2011 at The Hamilton Convention Centre


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