Involved Grooms and the Brides who Appreciate Them.

14 Dec


It’s beginning to look like brides have another resource available to them while amidst the hectic process of planning their wedding day. Grooms-to-be are now, more than ever, taking on an active role in wedding day preparation. Traditionally, men have had a hands off approach when it comes to things like picking out table linens, flowers and the like. It was as if their job ended once they popped the question and brushed off their knee. But it seems those days are coming to an end as engaged couples are now taking on the challenge as a team.

If you’re a guy looking to lend a hand, or a bride wondering how best to involve your man, here are some great Grooms-To-Do ideas:

Go with your strong points:

Decide which part of the wedding interests you most, what you’re good at and if you have an opinion on certain decisions. That way you’ll be able to contribute effectively and still enjoy it. If you’re a numbers kind of guy then why not take charge of the RSVP list and keep a running total of who’s coming and who’s not. Maybe you’ve always loved cars and planning the wedding day transportation is more your style? Research local limousine or classic car companies and find an option that fits your style and budget. Music is also a great area to lend a hand. Look up, contact and meet area DJs to make sure your party rocks.

Get your guys in line:

Make sure your groomsmen know and are capable of their wedding day responsibilities. Send out detailed emails about their attire, when and where they will need to go to get fitted, costs expected in renting (or buying) and dates and times that they need to be available for the rehearsal and day of. It’s probably best to choose your most reliable buddies as your groomsmen and then you won’t have to worry about them leaving you hanging.

Be her buffer:

It’s inevitable that there are going to be moments when she wants to pull her hair out. Whether it’s her overbearing mother, an MIA bridesmaid or a last-minute change to the seating chart, the time is going to come when she’s reached her limit. That’s your opportunity to step in and be her calm. Maybe take a break from everything and spend a night in with take out and a movie, make her favorite meal or just be a listening ear. In the long run, it’ll make the whole experience better and bring the two of you even closer.

Delegate and find help:

If it’s all getting to be too much to handle, then maybe enlist the help of close friends and family to care for some of the minor details or hire a wedding planner to help tackle your things to do list. Either way, you’ll both feel better and be able to avoid the small mundane tasks that seem to pile up.

Don’t forget:

Things like getting the marriage license, writing your speech, picking out groomsmen gifts and arranging accommodations for any out-of-town members of your family are important details for your to care for and they are fairly painless ways to arrange major parts of the wedding experience and avoid putting all the pressure on your fiancée.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, but by both a bride and groom sharing the responsibilities and joys that accompany the process, it can be what helps to start your life together on the right foot.





42nd Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show

January 8 & 9, Hamilton Convention Centre

14th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show

January 15 & 16, Quality Parkway Convention Centre


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