What Kind of Wedding Are You?

1 Dec

You’ve spent countless hours, months, possibly years dreaming about our perfect wedding day. Now that the engagement ring is firmly planted on your finger, your dreaming has turned into some hard core planning and to make matters even more serious, you’ve started to make deposits on all your wedding services. It’s Official! You are in serious wedding planning mode!

However, I have noticed a huge roadblock future brides put up for themselves. After working the floor of over of dozens of wedding shows, I’ve noticed that brides-to-be forget or negate to tell the wedding professionals about the details they’ve spent all that time dreaming about…the details that make their wedding, well, THEIRS! Many brides-to-be seem to go on automatic and simply accept the basic, elevator pitch package the wedding professional hands out. Listed below are some basic reasons why you need to explain to your potential wedding services “What Kind of Wedding” you are and would like to be! It will save you a ton of time, money and stress!

Research: When you are surfing the internet or at a wedding show, be sure to flip through the wedding professionals portfolio (many will have a portfolio of their services to show you). The wedding professional may not highlight some of their more creative or “out there” wedding ideas in fear of  scaring away the mainstream crowd. Be sure you look a little deeper and ask pointed questions in order to uncover a great wedding professional match for your wedding plan. On the flip side, if a professionals says they can provide a certain service, make sure you see an example of their work to back up that claim.

Can They Fulfill Your Needs?: The first tid-bit of information you need to give potential wedding professionals is your wedding date.  It will let them know right away if they are available that day.  The second bit of information they need is “What Type of Wedding Are You?” Are you a destination, traditional, urban chic, themed, or budget friendly wedding? Think of your wedding elevator pitch. In thirty seconds, how can you sum up your dream wedding? This will be very effective in finding the right match in wedding services. You will learn very fast if:

1) They are available

2) If they are willing/ capable to provide the service you are looking for

3) If they are excited about your idea, they will probably excel at creating personalized weddings because they thrive on the creative challenge.

Let Them Do Their Job: Every time I chat with a new wedding professional I am amazed with the new services they are ready and willing to provide.  When you think of it, there is a ton of crossover between the artistic and wedding industries, therefore creativity is bursting out of wedding professioanls! As the bride, your job is to give wedding professionals the right information and creative license to help you achieve your wedding dreams.  For instance, if a photographer thinks you would simply like a basic engagement photo shoot and wedding day package, that is exactly what they will present to you.  However, if you simply tell them you are looking to capture your wedding day in a unique way, they may come back with ideas such as a “Trash the Dress” or a narrative or themed photo shoot, or  a paparazzi red carpet photo shoot of all your guests at your reception. Give them a little creative freedom and you would be surprised and quickly and inexpensively your wedding and take an entirely unique spin.

By taking the time to do your research, ask the right questions and relay the right message about what you want your wedding to be, you will be taking the steps to ensure that all that time you’ve spent thinking, wishing and dreaming about your wedding day will come to fruition…without suffering from buyers remorse, wastes funds and the terrible woulda, coulda, shoulda combo! We have never had so much power and information as consumers than we do now. Be a Smart Consumer and your wedding will be Dyn-o-mite!




42Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2011

Janaury 8 & 9, 2011 ~ The Hamilton Convention Centre

14th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show 2011

January 15 & 16, 2011 ~ The Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre, St. Catharines


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