Would You Want to Wear his Mother’s Engagement Ring?

17 Nov

Even if you have been without internet, have been stranded on a dessert island AND under a rock, you probably have still heard Prince William has finally popped the question to the lovely Kate. Congrats Prince William and Kate!

The girls in the Wedding Show office have been glued to The Royal Engagement Watch this past week.  One of the things we have discussed the most is if it were you that was getting married “would you want to be given his mother’s ring?”

The vote has been split down the middle. Half of us had no problem hypothetically accepting the amazing sapphire and diamond engagement ring originally worn by his mother, the Late Princess Di.  In fact, these girls were literally drooling and dizzy with excitement over the prospect and honour of donning the unique family jewels.  They felt that since Prince William loved his mother so much, it only made sense to pass along the ring she wore along to Kate, the other most important woman in his life.

The other group of Wedding Show gals thought that while it is a beautiful ring and heartfelt gesture, there was too much negativity surrounding the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana….negativity that is represented through that very same engagement ring.  Secondly, Prince William didn’t pick a ring that reflected their love and Kate’s unique style and taste.

Since Prince Prince William is now off the market, I guess this overall debate is relatively pointless (cause you know, we all have a chance in the first place ;)) and us commoners will just have to simply continue on our search for our perfect mate and ring.  But while you are moving towards marriage with your own Prince Charming, would you want to be given his mother’s engagement ring to wear?  Would the sentiment alone make you melt? Would you be concerned with what his other family members would think? Would you find it too traditional or would it depend on a style (and size!) of the ring itself?  While it may sound frivolous, it will certainly spark some interesting conversation between you and your friends or between you and your significant other!

I almost forgot, for those of you still searching for your Prince, Harry is still on the market 😉




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