Fall Wedding Trends in the Hamilton-Halton & Niagara Region

13 Sep

I had the privilege of organizing a CHCH Morning Live Segment about the upcoming 13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show last Thursday.  Not only did Annette Hamm chat about the upcoming show, but she talked with our guest, Wedding Coordinator Stephanie Thompson from Stephanie Thompson Wedding Design about the latest trends in the Hamilton-Halton & Niagara Regions’ Wedding Industry.  The overall vibe from several of the weddings Stephanie has been planning have been centered around the idea of returning to basics and celebrating nature and the rustic beauty that accompanies the fall season.  For instance, from a quaint wedding based in a beautiful farm barn to a fun and fabulous field wedding complete with line dancing and kegs of craft beer; brides and grooms are putting a unique spin on highlighting all that natural beauty the region has to offer. Listed below are some  of the tips Stephanie Thompson offered to the CHCH viewers.

Finger Print Guestbook: Instead of having all your guests sign a book that you are never going to look at again, paint a trunk and branches of a tree on good quality canvas, and set out different semi-permanent shades of green so that your guests can dip their finger or thumb in the paint and make a finger print on the branches, which ends up looking like leaves on a tree. After the wedding your can frame the picture and hang it in your new home, so you will have a beautiful and crafty reminder of your wedding each and everyday.   Tip: Make sure that you have a little wash station near by for people to quickly clean up.  If you are having a fall wedding, or if it will go with the decor in your house, put out reds, oranges and gold paints in order to celebrate the new fall season

Junk Food Buffet: Everyone has a favourite junk food (I know I have a couple).  It’s trendy, chic and sinfully delicious to add in an element of junk food to such a formal and monumental night.  Stephanie chatted about at one wedding they asked for a midnight buffet of all their favourite chocolate bars and at another wedding they are organizing a buffet of greasy fresh cut french fries and sliders…yum! At a wedding I attended in The States, the bride was Canadian so they celebrated her heritage by serving a Tim Hortons Timbit midnight buffet! Brainstorm with your husband-to-be about your favourite guilty-pleasure foods to share with your guests!  Trust me, everyone will love to be able indulge in any types of sweet or salty treats

Homemade Favours: This region has so much to offer in terms of fresh and delicious preserves, plants and drinks.  Whether you choose to treat your guests to jams and jellies made with fresh ingredients from local farms, or locally crafted wine or beer, the area has endless amounts of beautifully hand-crafted favours to thank for guests for joining you on your big day. Another trend is giving seedlings, or small evergreens to your guests.  Not only is this a great gift, but it helps maintain the region’s beautiful natural landscape.

Think about incorporating one or all of the above ideas in order to add a little “rustic” beautiful to your wedding!




13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

September 18 & 19, 2010

The Careport Centre-270 Longwood Rd. S., Hamilton

7th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Sunday October 3rd, 2010

The Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

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