The Bachelorette…Your Way!

8 Sep

If you are a bride-to-be planning a wedding, you know that there are endless options for gowns, centrepieces, flowers, music etc to make your wedding as unique and as representational of you and your style possible. Hey, you even get to pick your own groom lol! The personalization of the wedding day has also extended into other events surrounding the wedding, such as showers, engagement parties, stag & does and of course, The Bachelorette. There is now the opportunity to make each one of these important events memorable and unique to your lifestyle.

The traditional bachelorette consists of your maid of honour rounding up all of your girlfriends to give you one more wild night on the town.  While this definitely is a fun time, it may not suit everyone’s lifestyle. If you are the type to enjoy a crazy night of dancing in your cities hottest bar district; it may not feel particularly special or different enough to celebrate such a momentous occasion.   So never fear! Now more than ever there are dozens of different ways for your bridesmaids, friends and family members to send you off into married life in style.  All they need is a little creativity and a little help from the below list of  ideas to get them started!

I’ve always wanted to…The bachelorette party has always had the connotation of being a farewell to those fabulous “good ole days” of singlehood.  While this mentality may be true, it seems a bit negative.  I suggest looking at it instead as a celebration of your self as a person and a chance to do something you love or to try something new with your nearest and dearest.  For example, one bride-to-be I know decided to have her bachelorette at an art studio and her and all her girlfriends  painted pictures that she would later hand around her new home.  They had great music going, fabulous food and of course wine to complete the evening. Another local bride and her small group of friends ventured to a shooting range to take shooting lessons.  Why? Because the brides always wanted to learn.  Your bachelorette is the perfect opportunity to set a new life goal and go after everything you want to accomplish in life, individually and with your partner. Seize the day!

Dress Up Party: Whether you are planning on going out or staying in to celebrate, an easy and cost efficient way to spice up a bachelorette party is to make it a costume party!  The costume choice can be based around a favourite theme or television show, around weddings in general or completely out of left field and hilariously arbitrary.  For instance, I attended a couple of bachelorette parties this summer.  At one of them, we all dressed up as brides from the 1980’s, renting, borrowing or buying thrift store bridal gowns with the laces gloves, huge ball gowns and puffed sleeves. We completed the look with bright blue eyes shadow and the “high bang” and were ready for a night out at the town.  At another bachleortette party, the theme was Pirate inspired, which was great fun for all the girls to shop for costumes.  At both parties, the costumes got everyone more excited and involved in the event, it created a conversation piece, it certainly got everyone’s attention when we went out and was  very memorable, fabulous photo op!

Co-Ed: Who says the evening is just for the girls? I have been noticing more and more that the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties have been conjoined, or at least celebrated partially together. A Co-Ed bachelor and bachelorette party allows everyone going to the wedding to get to know is other and is plenty of fun, especially if there is any dancing planned for the evening! Even if you decide you don’t want the two groups to spend the entire evening together, start out as a large group for dinner or drinks and then head your separate ways.  I have noticed that weddings that have had co-ed bachelorette/bachelor parties have ended up being so much more fun in part because the ice has been broken and everyone is already comfortable to mingle, dance and celebrate together.

Let’s Get Physical! Who says a bachelorette party has to be at night or only last for one night?  Being located in Southern Ontario, there are several different indoor and outdoor activities for you and your girlfriends to partake in to burn off some of the pre-wedding gitters.  Some local activities include camping at several national parks, kayaking or canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and biking through Ontario’s wine country…and of course stopping to taste the fabulous wine!

Remember, you bachelorette party will create so many hilarious, heartfelt memories for you and your girlfriends.  Sit down with your bridesmaids and talk about how you really want to celebrate yourself, your friendships and your upcoming marriage.  I hope the list at the top helps gets those creative juices flowing to plan a fabulous night, but if all else fails, there’s always Vegas;)



13th Annual Hamilton-Halton Fall Wedding Show

September 18 & 19, 2010

The Careport Centre, 270 Longwood Rd. South, Hamilton

7th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show

Sunday October 3rd, 2010

The Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre

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