Hey Brides & Grooms: Just say THANK YOU!

11 Aug

I attended several weddings earlier this summer and the Thank You cards from those couples are beginning to filter in via mail and email.  As I am finding from these cards, there are many different ways to say thanks! and to your appreciation to your wedding guests for both their gifts and sharing in your special day. Compared to some of the heart felt cards I received, the generic, pre-typed and polite gratitude cards just are not cutting it anymore! But before getting into what I believe is the right way to write a Thank You card, lets talk about why take the time (and the do take a ton of time) to write all those notes.  Thank You cards are important not only to show your gratitude for people’s financial generosity but also to really show your appreciation for the love and moral support your friends and family gave you on your big day and pretty much all through your life thus far.  A Thank You card is also a way to reach out to all your loved ones to welcome them in your future as well.

How to write a great Thank You Card:

1) I know we are in the age of techno everything, but nothing beats a hand written note. A short hand written Thank You card lets the recipient know that you have really taken the time to let them know how much you care.  In addition, since most of our interaction is computerized, a hand written note is surprisingly personal, humanistic and heartfelt.  In addition, many of  your elderly guests may not find an electronic version easily assessable, so hand written if definitely the way to go for them,  even if you don’t have time to hand write every guests.

2) Go beyond Thank You: Even though saying your pleases and thank yous are so important in displaying your gratitude; what really meant something for me is the fact that the bride and groom shared moments from their wedding.  For instance, one bride wrote how happy tears burst into her eyes when she and her husband were asked to stand up, and for several moments look out at all of the people there to help celebrate their special day (Great thing to do at your wedding!!).  She said that looking out on all those smiling faces was an overwhelming but happy memory that will be burned into her brain for the rest of  her days. Another bride penned how much she loved my red dress and also complimented (in detail) some of my friends dresses.  Another friend confided that she had been so nervous during the ceremony and her nervousness finally broke at the reception when she got up with all the girls to dance to one of her favourite songs. Not only does the sharing of such details make me, the guest,  feel special and legitimately apart of the happiness of the day, but it also lets me know that the new couple really enjoyed their wedding day….they soaked up every detail and lived in moment with their nearest and dearest.  It gave me great happiness to find out that at least some of the couples put all the stresses of wedding planning behind them and relished in the love and meaning of that day (really, could you ask for anything more for a couple you care about?)

3) Open the door: You are entering a new stage of your life.  Many people will either give you time and space to get used to (and enjoy) living and being a married persons, while others, such as friends from your single life may not know where they fit in your new life and not know how to reach out to you. If you truly feel this way, let the recipient of your thank you note know that you want to keep in touch with them in the future (hopefully you’ve made this known in other ways already.  Sending it in writing seems to bring significance to the thought).  For instance, one of my friends that got married now lives in The States.  The last part of her note was listing different road trip ideas so we can all meet up again soon, which made me excited for the future.  Lets face it, the recipients of the notes were important enough to share in your special day; shouldn’t the majority of them be important enough to share in at least a small portion of your future?

4) Style: Take your pick! There are so many different types of cards you can choose from.  Many use their favourite wedding picture of the couple as their card covers, others order customized thank you cards from the company that did their invitations.  A more cost efficient way it to purchase in bulk blank invitation cards to write your personalized note.  As stated, e-cards are also an option and there is a plethora of free sites to access thank you cards (which are also environmentally friendly)

Tip for collecting mailing addresses: At your wedding shower, pass around a box with blank recipe cards and a pen and ask everyone to fill out their full name and address on one of the cars.  You can then draw one of the names for a prize AND have a great mailing list without a ton of searching!

The morale of the story, do as your mother told you and say THANK YOU!




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7th Annual Niagara Autumn Wedding Show – Sunday October 3rd, 2010 Quality Parkway Hotel & Convention Centre, St. Catharines


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