Registering for Wedding Gifts!

3 Aug

Perhaps one of the most fun and exciting parts of being an engaged couple is when it’s time to register for wedding gifts. Instead of receiving three different spice racks or neon orange towel sets, a bride and groom can now choose their favorite store to register for gifts that suit their needs and taste. Just the sound of that bar code scanner beeping away in the linen section can cause the heart to flutter with excitement! Ok, maybe I get a tad too excited when it come to gift giving (and receiving!) but really, with all the choices out there for everything from vacuums to silverware, it’s great to be able to create a specific wish list for you and your husband to be! Here are a few tips of how to make the most out of your bridal registry.

  • Go together. Yes, even though his choices may not always be spot on (I’ll never forget when my husband tried to convince me that a Toronto Maple Leafs shower curtain would work well in our guest bathroom), he really should be there to pick out and have a say in the household’s main stay items. And you never know, maybe he can help choose some of the things you may not be as familiar with, like tools, barbecues and camping gear.  Besides it can be a fun thing to do to get away from the wedding planning stress, together as a couple, with Starbucks in hand.
  • Come prepared. Have an idea in your mind of what you already own and what the most practical needs are in setting up your home. Think of what colours would work best and what style themes would most suit your decor, that way when you are face to face with over 40 different colours of bathmats, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Do your research. Find out what things like thread count, BTUs and energy star ratings mean. The Consumer Report can lend some helpful advice on what to look for and to avoid, as well as discussing with the staff on hand what they would recommend when it comes to brands, warranties and quality. Also, be sure to include a wide array of price points in order to accommodate the differing budgets of those who will be buying gifts using your registry.
  • Think long-term. Choose timeless pieces that transcend the latest fads. Choose high quality, well crafted, classic styles, products and items. Stay with names and brands you trust. It may not seem like much now, but buying a $400 food processor on your own in a few years may not fit into your monthly budget, so pick one that will last.

Most importantly, have fun! What other time in your life are you able to essentially go on a shopping spree and pick out everything from a waffle iron to a garden hose without having to spend a dime? Now the guests that choose to do so can be sure that they are buying a gift you will use, enjoy and appreciate long after you’ve said “I do”.

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