Guess what Kermit? Now, it IS easy being green!

12 Jul

Going Green – It seems to be the trend that’s here to stay. Every aspect of modern life has experienced an overhaul of environmental awareness, preservation and respect. So it’s only natural to expect that today’s bride will be on the look out to “go green” and express her own personal efforts to be eco-friendly on her wedding day. Just as weddings have always been a time to showcase the bride and groom’s individual tastes, choices and preferences, it’s also a great way to highlight your own level of environmental commitment.

With so many local resources available offering green products and services, it’s not only possible, but readily convenient to incorporate even one or two eco-friendly components to your big day.

Since there are countless eco-chic ideas to choose from, it can be fun to find new ways and ideas to show you are an environmentally conscious bride.  Some of my favourites involve the re-purposing of items you already own and love (vintage fabrics, homegrown flowers, your favorite pair of shoes). Offering themed and colourful edible favors instead of trinkets that guest will ultimately throw away is a fun and tasty way to avoid waste. Using vendors, materials and food that are local and kind to the environment can help you cut costs and be true to your inner earth goddess!  And remember there is no need to sacrifice style or elegance when planning a green wedding.

Whether you go all out and make it your overall theme, or just incorporate a few earth friendly touches, putting the effort into a green wedding, even if it only be minimal has it’s rewards and can educate guests as well as add to the meaning and thoughtful presentation of your wedding day.

Check out The Green Bride Guide for lots of inspirational ideas, articles and photos.


One Response to “Guess what Kermit? Now, it IS easy being green!”

  1. Kate July 12, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    Thanks for including the Green Bride Guide in your post! We recently joined – if you ever want to add one of our banners to your site. Keep up the great work!

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