Tips on Researching Local Wedding Businesses

21 Jun

Whether you’re heading out to your local wedding show , searching a wedding website or dropping by a local wedding retailer you’ll do yourself a great service to do some research before you part with your hard earned cash. One website that is shaking up the landscape is Every day more and more people are jumping onto wikiDOMO to rate, review, comment or check-in with local businesses. But here is the twist, you can also add and edit people who work at these businesses and places. It is a compete open website that is unbiased and will probably change how we shop. Picture the yellow pages, Wikipedia, yelp and foursquare all mixed together. So see if the business you are thinking of booking for your wedding is already listed and if not add them. Once you use their services go back to wikiDOMO and add your comments, reviews or rating and see if others have had the same experience as you. Here is wikiDOM’s blog with a video on how it works. wikiDOMO has launched in Canada and will be launching in the USA in the next few months.


One Response to “Tips on Researching Local Wedding Businesses”

  1. Jose Leal June 22, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    Thanks for the comments about – we hope to serve the both the wedding industry and those getting married by providing free and open information and opinions to the community.

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