To Cupcake or Not to Cupcake at Your Wedding

9 Jun

These days, the ultimate wedding dessert sugar showdown is the decision of having a traditional wedding cake or to opt for the new fad of having a cute tower of cupcakes.  Depending on the type of wedding you are dreaming of, there are certainly pros and cons to both desserts.  The below chat will focus on the cupcake craze, pros, cons and how to make these delicious pint sized desserts work for your wedding.

If your vibe of your wedding and reception is fun: Cupcakes all the way! Cupcakes are best suited for a reception that is more laid back, themed or youthfu.  If you wedding is a more formal, perhaps consider the cake option because it has a more sophisticated feel overall.

Here are a few other reasons to say “I Do” to Cupcakes

Another Way to Personalize: Who doesn’t love the idea of unwrapping their very own little piece of baked good heaven?  Serving cupcakes gives your guests the feeling that you have created a dessert just for them.  Some couples also order different flavours to compliment all taste buds.

Please Don’t Stop the Music: Dessert is usually served later in the night when the drinks are flowing and people are ready to dance.  Cupcakes certainly cut back on the formality and stress of trying to organize all your partying guests in order to cut the cake and serve it in an orderly fashion on plates with silverware. Cupcakes allow your guests to come up at their leisure, grab their personalized cake and keep groovin’

Keep the Tradition Alive: Many couples want to keep the 100 year old tradition of the wedding cake, complete with its personalized cake toppers. They want the experience of cutting the first piece of wedding cake together and smearing cake, I mean feeding cake, to one another.  It’s a messy but very yummy tradition (which also makes for a great photo op!) If you opt for cupcakes you can keep this tradition by asking your bakery of choice to provide you with a small (6 to 8 inch) cake to place at the top of your tower of cupcakes.  This is where your cake topper can be displayed, what you can cut in the photos and freeze to have on your one year anniversary.  It’s the best of both dessert worlds!

The Price: There is the perception that cupcakes are the less expensive option compared to wedding cakes.  If you are simply comparing iced plain cupcakes to a multi-tiered wedding cake, you would be correct. On average in Southern Ontario, generic iced cupcakes range in price from $2-$3 each, while a wedding cake is approximately $3-$6 per slice.  Where couples need to air on the side of cupcake caution is where all the “extras” come into play to decorate and creatively display your mountain of sugar.  For example, to match the icing to your wedding colours, to have unique and ornate cupcake liners, for icing decorations such as flowers or your initials are all extra costs; which range anywhere from $.50 -$6 a cupcake.  On top of that, the tiered cupcake display tray is usually not included with the cost of your cupcakes (where as it usually is for cakes).  This display tray can range from $10 to rent from the company to $30-$60 to buy.  Just be sure you know all the costs up front, or if you are the DIY type, order plain cupcakes and add your toppers once you have received them.

Hope some of this info helps make you make your dessert decisions! Here are some Local Wedding Cake and Cupcake Creators to help you make your reception DELICIOUS!

Weils of Westdale


Sweet Celebrations Patisserie

Cakes by Cheryl

Sweet N’ Unique Cakes

Visit for more info




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