Tips for a Fashion Forward Mother of the Bride

8 Jun

Of all the beautiful outfits that adorn a wedding day, one that can’t be over looked or under estimated is that of the Mother of the Bride. A daughter’s wedding day certainly is the culmination of much excitement for a mom. No doubt she will want to look her best and celebrate the magnitude of her daughter’s day in style.
So what are the latest trends for mother’s of the bride? It is certainly a thing of the past for mothers to feel inclined to be overly conservative. Today’s modern mom is free to express her own chic style. Whether it be a smartly tailored suit or a more elaborate dress, mother’s of the bride can easily bring color and flare to the wedding party.
However, it is important to remember a few guidelines while shopping for the big day. For the sake of pictures and the overall feel of the wedding, the outfit of choice should complement the bride’s dress, either in style, formality or relevance. A great way to achieve this is to shop together, discuss what you’ve envisioned and if necessary, reach a compromise that both are happy with.
When I got married, my mom gave me a real scare when she started talking about her ideas of what to wear. But after we actually got out to the stores and saw what looked best on her, we both were overly pleased with her final choice. (I also had to tactfully talk her out of fake eye lashes, but that’s another story all together).
Another key to choosing the best outfit is consulting with the mother of the groom. This will ensure that no one is wearing the same colour or (heaven forbid) the same outfit. Complimentary styles and colors will go a long way in pulling together the look of the day.
It’s important both for both the bride and her mom to feel good and comfortable at the wedding. That way, the focus can be on the fun and enjoyment of the day.
Some great local resources for MOB fashions are Mirella’s Ladies Boutique, Rainbow Bridal and Jeffery Bridal.
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