Brides for Banks….Food Banks that is

22 Dec

Top Reasons Why Brides-to-be should donate to their local Food Drives

  • You are busy planning your wedding…but you are also planning the rest of your life.  Many times you have already decided which city you are going to start your lives as a married couple.  Whether that city is just a temporary resting place or it is the place you plan to build your future; why not make it a little bit happier, healthier and more prosperous while you are there?  In Hamilton, there are currently 19,500 people accessing food banks every month, 8,300 being children.  Donating a few canned goods goes a long way in making sure that Hamilton is a wonderful city to live, work and raise a child for all residents.  For those that think Hamilton is a temporary residence, who knows!  You may help build a city that you never want to leave!
  • Most couples get engaged over Christmas and New Years.  Why not start off the New Year and your new journey with your husband-to-be by donating canned goods to your local Food Drive?  Not only is it a good deed you could do together as a couple, right after the holidays is a time in which the food drives are in most need of donations.  Often times there is a substantial amount of donations flowing in right before Christmas (More is always welcome!), however those donations drop off drastically after the season of giving ends.  Help make someone’s year not just their holiday by donating a selection of canned goods after the Christmas season
  • Learn how to shop with your husband-to-be! For newlywed couples, the weekly task of grocery shopping is often one that is accompanied with a serious difference of opinion, bickering,  a few dented canned goods but also comprises and lots of laughs.  Challenge your husband- to-be to a “Shop Off” for Hamilton Food Share.  Grab the list of Hamilton Food Share’s Most Needed Items to make you own shopping list (which items and how much of each item you are going to get) and head to your local grocer.  Either work together to complete the list or each of you grab a cart and compete to see who can complete the list and make it to the check out first! Once Food is purchased you can drop it off at Hamilton Food Share or at one of their drive sites
  • Just do it already!  I promise, it’ll feel good! I encourage you and your hubby-to-be to round up your bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, dads, friends, neighbours and challenge each other to contribute 10 canned goods each (ranges in price from $5-$10 per person) to your own Bride’s for Banks Food Drive. It’s a way to de-stress and focus on something other than the wedding for one moment, while still do something constructive with your loved ones.  Bottom line: whether you are getting married, in the wedding party, attending a wedding, heck even if you aren’t getting married at all, donate a couple of canned goods to your local Food Bank.  It will make you feel warm and fuzzy, but more importantly it is a simple way to brighten someone else’s day

Drop off your canned goods at the 41st Annual Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2010 January 9 & 10, 2010, Hamilton Convention Centre 11am-5pm both days.  All food donations are donated to Hamilton Food Share.  We hope to raise 6,000 canned goods for Hamilton Food Share! Even if you can’t attend the show, we still welcome donations!


One Response to “Brides for Banks….Food Banks that is”

  1. Amy May 24, 2010 at 2:10 am #

    Thanks for this blog. I think it’s great to keep others in mind as you plan your wedding. Doing charitable work with your partner is a great way to start your lives together.

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