Adding a personal touch to your wedding – top ten!

15 Dec

Every bride is looking for a way to make her wedding…hers. There are many ways that you can make your wedding unique such as choosing bombonieres that reflect you and your fiancé’s personal style, or creating a video montage of your lives together. What brides are looking for today are personalizations that go beyond the traditional, and stretch to the limits with adding their individual style to their special day.

So where do you start?

To help you through these sometimes difficult decisions her e is a Top Ten list to personalize your wedding day.

1)        What is your story? On your place cards for seating arrangements, try creatively inserting your love story, how you met. You can either do this by putting your story on the inside of the card, or inscribing your story around the outside of the card.

2)       Make the experience a treasured one for your groomsmen and bridesmaids. When you ask your friends to share in this special day, make it less about the ask and more about the experience. For example, invite those that you would like in your wedding party for a dinner and surprise them all. Present them with personalized gift such as a friendship poem or plaque. Use your sense of humour and create a card with a really outrageous groomsman or bridesmaid outfit on the front.

3)       Personalize your wedding ceremony. As you walk down the isle collect your favourite flower from important guests along the side to build your bouquet, just as they have built your life experiences.

4)       Add a personal touch to your wedding cake by writing your favourite saying or prayer around the sides of each tier.

5)       Utilize the natural settings if your pictures are taken outside. For example write in the sand on with chalk on the ground ‘Jim + Julie = FOREVER’

6)       Make your gift to your loved one something out of this world…name a star after them and include a picture of the night sky to illustrate where their star is.

7)       Take a piece of your mother and mother-in-laws wedding dress and use it as the ribbons that hold your bouquet together or have it incorporated into your veil/dress.

8)       Re-enact your parents wedding photos for your wedding photo, to bring that spark of history into your special day.

9)       Pick and choose different wedding traditions from different cultures and combine them into a personalized wedding ceremony.

10)      Ask your DJ if you and your fiancé can hand pick a good portion of songs to be played, inform your guests that these songs were picked by your specifically. Just a simple added touch of personality to your night!

You and Your Fiancé have unlimited options of ways to make your day special, ways to make your day reflect your relationship. You do not have to stick with the traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding, it is your day, and the one day that truly celebrates your love for one-another, make it count!


One Response to “Adding a personal touch to your wedding – top ten!”

  1. Austin Wedding Planner January 15, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    I love the idea of sharing pictures at your wedding of all the places that you ahve traveled. We have even made the tables names actual places that the couple have traveled or places that are very important to the, such as where they met and their engagement location. Fun, fun…

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