Interview with a DJ

25 Nov

AMV – Advantage Music & Vision, A professional and full-time DJ, Videography and photography company.

We sat down with AMV to get an idea about what your first meeting with a DJ service would be like. We found the answers to the questions that you should ask your DJ before booking them for your special day.  We had some funny conversations about best dance songs, humorous moments, and outrageous setups at weddings. AMV works 300 weddings a year with 5 DJ that specialize in weddings. AMV’s mission statement is to provide you with a superior wedding experience and they guarantee the highest quality of service at the most reasonable price.
1)      Q: What is most important, in your opinion: quality of the music played, quality of equipment or the DJ’s talent & knowledge?
A: It’s the combination of all three aspects. For the DJ himself, he/she should be comfortable and experienced on a microphone, not too overbearing. The equipment should be able to provide 2000-3000 watts this will allow for more clarity in the sound of the music. If the DJ is bringing in laptops, watch out for illegal downloads of music for your wedding as this can shut your day down.

2)      Q: Are you licensed by the Audio Visual Licensing Agency? Are you insured? – are these important questions for brides-to-be to ask, and why are they important?

A: AMV is licensed by the AVLA, and all their music is original source; meaning that licensing is just that extra step the business has taken to ensure they are being legal! Some DJs will acquire a license through AVLA, but still download music illegally so watch out for this! The business is insured with general liability insurance…this is very important as most halls will not allow a DJ to perform without insurance.

3)      Q: Can a bride instruct a DJ how to dress for their event? What do you usually ask your DJs to wear?
A: If your wedding is a themed wedding, your DJ should have no problem going along with your theme. One year AMV had a wedding that was a Hawaiian theme and all the event crew dig out their leis and grass skirts for the bride and groom.
If your wedding is not themed, you should always ask the DJ company what their dress code is. For instance,  AMV attends all your events in professional business attire & suits. Other companies have company shirts they wear as well.

4)      Q: How do you stay current with your music library?
A: First and foremost you want to ensure that your DJ is well educated and has a passion for music, as this will show in their services. Most DJ services should be subscribing to a professional DJ supply service; AMV uses to ensure that they are staying up to date with new songs and remixes!

5)      Q: How do you suggest a bride begins to create a music request list?
A: In order to have a well rounded playlist for your wedding day, make sure that you are paying attention to the demographic attending your wedding. Your playlist should have some fun tunes for everyone. If you guests are going to be requesting songs at your wedding make sure you ask your DJ to screen the requests before playing them; there always ends up being some quirky intoxicated requests from guests that you may not want played.

6)      Q: What is the best 1st dance song you’ve played? What is the worst? – aka what song ‘screams’ divorce
A: From a comedic stand point the best song played at a wedding for AMV was ‘Most beautiful girl’ By: Flight of the Concords. This song worked well because it suited the couple and their sense of humour so well.  The worst song played at a wedding by AMV was ‘I’m in love with a man nearly twice my age’ By: Shabba Ranks. At this wedding the groom was actually twice the age of the bride!
For your first dance you want to make sure that it is personalized, an individual song that isn’t too trendy and people will be sick of hearing.

7)      Q: What are some of the most common father/daughter dances?
A: Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlise
My Little Girl – Tim McGraw
I loved her first – Heartland

-A request from AMV….someone PLEASE come out with a new one! Or dads and brides, think up a new song that represents your relationship!

8)      Q: What are the songs that get everyone on the dance floor?
A: Songs that get people off their seats and on the dance floor are usually multigenerational songs. They are songs that are well known and interactive. Currently any Michael Jackson song will get those feet moving!

9)      Q: Would you recommend to the couple to allow their guests to make requests through the night?

A: This is always a good way to include the crowd in your wedding and also allows for the DJ to read how the crowd is feeling and what songs to play. It will keep the party going all night long! Just remember to have your DJ screen the requests as stated above!

10)   Q: If a bride requests a specific song, and you do not have it; is there an additional cost to get the song?
A: It doesn’t cost any extra to have a DJ acquire a song they may not have in their library. Just remember to tell your DJ far in advance what specific songs you want to have played so that they can ensure that they get the perfect cut of music for the big day!

11)   Q: What songs would you recommend NOT to play?
A: The usual suspects are guilty here….The bird dance (no one really wants to hear this song again) the Macarena and all their friends.

12)   Q: What are the top 5 songs being played at weddings right now?
A: I got a feeling – Black eyed peas
Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
Sexy Chic – Akon & David Guetta
Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
At Last – Etta James

13)   Q: How & when do you do sound checks at venues?
A: AMV always does their sound checks 2-3 hours before you arrive at your reception venue. Ensure to always tell your DJ what hall you are booking far in advance and always tell your reception venue what DJ you are booking. Often times, especially with AMV, they have already DJed a wedding in your reception hall and are very familiar with the sound dynamics of the room

2 Responses to “Interview with a DJ”

  1. suzehopeless November 25, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    there was a brief period of time when everyone was dancing to that Hinder song..”Lips of an Angel”, but it was actually about cheating on your lady with an ex girlfriend.. no one seemed to get that. Moral of story: read they lyrics before you use a song for your first dance hahaha

    • weddingtipster November 25, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

      Thanks for your comment! I totally agree with you! I heard a first dance song one time by Nickleback – how you remind me! absolutely flabbergasted by that one lol!

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