Mining for Meaning

20 Nov

For centuries Diamonds have been used to adorn the love of our lives with the ultimate symbol of commitment, romance, passion, and glamour. So what does the symbol of a diamond actually mean? Diamonds are one of the hardest and most valued gemstone out there, so it is very fitting that the most common use for this stone is for engagement and wedding rings. There are so many cuts, shapes, and sizes of diamond that I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for the lucky groom-to-be to pick the perfect diamond.

Each diamond cut has its own meaning, its own personality, its own definition. If you’re curious to see how your diamond matches up with your personality, you’re in the right place!

Round Cut
This Über popular diamond style is known for its versatility in settings and its ability to sparkle and shine! This ring is the ultimate symbolization of love, it has no ending and no beginning just like the ring itself.  If you like clean lines and symmetry this is the ring for you.
Personality: The personality of this ring is first and foremost a traditionalist. Those that adore the Round cut are typically strong, dependable, and empathic.

Oval Cut
This ring should be known as the illusionist! If you have been self conscious of your hands because they are too short or too small, the oval cut is for you. The Oval cut has the power to lengthen your hand, therefore creating a fabulous feminine look on your hand.
Personality: If the Oval cut appeals to you then you must be a creative at heart with a strong feminine side and a touch of fabulous organization skills. The Oval cut lady likes to let loose once in a while, but overall wants to remain ladylike when she can.

Marquise Cut
This diamond comes with some history. The Marquise diamond cut was inspired by the stunning smile of the Marquise De Pompadour and commissions by France’s Louis XV who wanted a ring that mirror his mistress’s smile. This ring is known for its elongated shape with pointed ends.
Personality: Since the ring was designed after a King’s mistress it is only fitting that this rings personality is sexy, outgoing, zestful and impulsive. If the marquise is calling your name, you have a passion for life for sure!

Pear Cut
The pear cut is reminiscent of a sparkling tear drop, beautiful yet subtle in its appearance. The Pear cut is the individual in the group not only in its design but in its personality.
Personality: Those who love the Pear cut love to be adventurous and hit the town with a fabulous group of friends. The Pear wearers tend to be higher maintenance and demand perfection in all aspects of life.

Heart-Shaped Cut
This cut has to be the most controversial of all cuts. The Heart-Shaped Cut, or more so known as the “black-widow”, definitely is a contrasting idea. This diamond has the highest divorce rate out there. Bordering on fantasy and over-the-top sentiment, this ring can detract from the steady romance of a real marriage and symbolizes unrealistic expectations. Most couples wearing this ring have said to have a Romeo & Juliet forecast, minus the death part obviously; meaning they don’t end up together forever.
Personality: So those of you wanting this ultimate symbol of love, heres what the ring says about you. This ring epitomizes femininity. A gal wearing this ring is a dreamy, pure romantic, sensitive, and has a passionate nature at heart, no pun intended.

Princess Cut
The princess cut can be square or rectangular and is known for its spectacular sparkle and shine. Currently the princess cut is demanding all the attention, being one of the trendiest cuts today!
Personality: Well, the name says it all! There’s no surprise here when the personality matches the name! If you like the Princess cut, be prepared to live up to the name. This lady loves the spotlight, she’s an efficient leader, highly organized and demand attention.

Cushion Cut
Once popular in the Victorian era, this cut is coming back in style. Vintage is the way to go these days so it is only fitting to have a vintage engagement ring as well!
Personality: The woman wearing this cut has an eye for the unusual, but is a pure romantic with a classic look. But don’t be fooled, this vintage vixen has a daring side to her too!

Asscher Cut
This cut is square, almost like an emerald cut but with a pavilion. The Asscher Diamond is a stepped square cut diamond developed in 1902 by the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam, Holland.
Personality: If you are wearing this unique and gorgeous cut you must have an appreciation for the past, and hold sentimentality for your family history.

Every ring has its own set of personality traits, this doesn’t always mean that your ring has to match your personality….but it could be fun! Next time you’re hinting to your loved one what ring you want, why not look deeper and mine for the meaning of your preferred gems!


2 Responses to “Mining for Meaning”

  1. rosediamonds November 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    I love it! Would you mind if I linked you?

    • weddingtipster November 21, 2009 at 12:36 am #

      Hi Rose Diamonds!

      I would love if you linked the article! Thanks for your interest!:)

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