The Trendy Bridesmaid

19 Nov

For years and years, brides have been picking out bridesmaid dresses that they think are beautiful, glamorous, and just what they’ve ‘always wanted’ standing beside them on their special day. But, Lets be honest – we have all seen a bridesmaid dress that we would rather forget. It seems that it is almost a curse to be a bridesmaid. The dress you are going to be made to wear is will be far from flattering.

Well, the taffeta torture is over, here is a trend that is coming up the pipelines! Many have seen the most popular ladies chick flick last year, ‘Sex and the City’. In this, Carrie Bradshaw (or her fabulous stylists behind the scenes) created a wedding trend that would make the friends of the bride happy!

So what is this fabulous trend?

Mismatching bridesmaid dresses.

The power to pick the bridesmaid dresses was slightly altered when the trend for the bride to pick the colour and the bridesmaid to pick the style was started. Why not continue down that line and let the bridesmaid’s team up and pick a dress that flatters them in both colour and style? We all know that periwinkle and rose water pink does not look good on everyone. Colours are important, and not just important to your decorating theme. If you are looking for someone to help you pick out the right shapes and colours for your bridesmaids, you can always consult an image consultant. It would be a great party idea to invite all your bridesmaids over and have a colour analysis done. This could also be the opportune time to invite your girlfriends to be a part of your bridal party!  Christie Ressel, who is a personal style coach and International image consultant, helps women learn about styles that works specifically for their body types. Not only this, but she’ll show you what colours will make you glow (very important for your big day!). Check out her website at for more details.

It may seem a little scary to have all your bridesmaids in different colours and in different styles of dresses. But, the pictures that will come out of this will be amazing – trust me, and not only will your ladies look gorgeous, but they will feel fabulous. It allows you to become that much more creative with your decorations and has the ability to make everyone look almost as fabulous as you in your wedding dress!

Have fun!


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