21st Century Tech Bride

16 Nov

In our modern day society today there are so many new social media outlets available for people to use. Twitter and Facebook have become so popular that people are beginning to become engulfed by this new media. Even at times I find myself driving home from working thinking: “that would be a great thing to mention on twitter”. With this entire social/new media being available for regular daily use, there is bound to be an influx of technology into the wedding world.

Wedding technology, especially on the internet, was introduced primarily through having a Wedding website for guests and non guests to get the ‘down-low’ on your wedding details. The details that a wedding website can include is really up to the user, you can include almost every step of your wedding planning process to the simplest of matters of your dates for your big day, showers, stags and engagement parties.

Beyond the wedding websites there is a ton of wedding technology that can make your planning process a much easier and more enjoyable experience. Almost every Bridal Magazine out there has tools for you to use online, such as budgeting pages, Wedding calendars you can hook up to your mobile phone for updates and reminders, and a place to create your own page. These tools on line can also allow you to upload your seating arrangements and record guest’s special requests, record your music playlist, and much more.

The bride and groom can also use the online Social Medias that already have a huge presence in our cyber world such as Twitter and Facebook. You can create your own Twitter account and allow your bridal party and guests to follow you day to day in your planning process. You can create your own wedding fan page on Facebook, uploading pictures as your purchase items for your big day; make sure your wedding dress stays a secret. These Social Medias allow your guests and bridal party to feel more attached to you and your groom as well as feeling a little more included in your wedding.

One other way that technology is weaving its way into our Wedding days is through videoconferencing. If you are going to be having a Destination Wedding, your guest list is limited and there may be a few guests that would love to be there, but just can’t make it. Well there is a solution to this! There are ways now that you can sign up to services such as, SKYPE, that can connect those guests online to watch your and share in your wedding day from afar. Since video technology has just flourished into such beautiful recordings of you big day, a lot of couples are starting to incorporate these mini movies into their reception. Some videographers can even get a video together of your ceremony and pictures etc… to show at your reception for those that missed it! There are unlimited options where and how you can integrate technology into the planning, organizing, sharing, and remembering your wedding day. There is always going to be something new, interesting and fun coming out for social and new media so keep an eye and ear out for new exciting opportunities on how your can make your planning process easier and your wedding day even more unique and spectacular!!

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